Peed on a stick #5

After realising i was peeing on a stick wrong i did it the right way yesterday. Waited a whole hour just to make sure, negative. Im assuming thats it for a few weeks. If i have worked it out right then i should be due to start a new cycle this week. I have it marked in the calender. The best time to try is 14days after the start of your period, which is also 14day before your next one. So thats my aim, dress sexy that day lol.

To fill the time i have been looking at baby crap. Has anyone noticed that prams tend to be less cribs on wheels and more mobile command centres! Good grief. There are attachments, covers, double, single, dual, wide, narrow, they even have cup holders! Im looking in the lower price range but i want more than one kid so im also looking at ones that can accomodate two seats. The one i have found has attachments for the top to accomodate front or rear facing baby, car seats and bassinet seats, the handle has 7 positions and it comes with a bonus seat for the base which can fit a second kid. $499. Thats alot but at the same time if we can make it stretch for 5yrs and two kids then thats not bad.

I decided against the jogging pram, although it is easier to manouver it only takes one kid so your screwed if you have a second. I often look at prams and wonder how they intend to get those things through doors or down supermarket isles…

I also like the matching car seat which works for kids up to 4yrs old. It is rear facing for the first year then turns and adjusts to fit a larger child. Again, saves money on buying a new one as they get bigger. Of course all of this will go out the window if i end out with twins…I really hate the double prams so i might stick with this one and get a sling for one kid until they are a little bigger.  


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