The mums in my group have been talking home birth. Its a no go for me, im a clean and sterile woman and want a doctor and stuff. But a lot of them are also looking at Doulas. A doula is a woman who is trained in birthing. She has no medical training, basically she is there to help with pain relief techniques, tell the doctors your prefernces when you are in too much pain to do it yourself. Basically, she is the ball in your court. They cost between $800-$2000 depending on how experienced they are. For me its a no, but I can see their appeal.

Then I figured I should actually look into different birthing options. I started with drugs ūüôā

Epidural – For me this was a yes from the start until I read up about it. Now im more of a no. Basically the pro of it is it basically takes away all ya pain! The cons are that labour will go for longer, you will need a capita as you will lose bladder control, you may need drugs to make your contractions stronger, baby may have trouble latching on for a few days after making breast feeding difficult, and baby may be unsettled and cry more for the first few weeks. These are just the common side effects! Frankly these far out weigh the whole pain free thing.

Gas – This has few to no side effects beside making you nautious and dizzy if you have too much. Pro is it can ease the pain but not take it away. I think this is a much better option as I can control how much I need.

My mums three births lasted 11hrs, 30mins and 15mins. Basically they were too fast for drugs for the second two and she said frankly it wasn’t that bad. Sure it hurt but you forget it after. I don’t believe her but still lol I also read that the calmer you are the less it will hurt.¬†¬†So I will be practicing my breathing and finding a happy place ūüôā Other things can help too, like moving around, walking, warm water and massage.


Ultrasound and whoops

lost a week, I feel cheated lol im 6weeks 5days. But, I accidently posted this to my other blog which auto emails my followers! the secret may be out…

Week 8

I have a horrible horrible head cold. As im knocked up I cant take any cold and flu meds so I just have to suffer ūüė¶ Anyway:

Baby: Growing fingers and toes this week.

Symptoms: none, beside my cold I was feeling fine.

My thyroid is also still not right so im on meds for it. It should be 2 and mines 3.4. I also requested a dating scan because I have no symptoms I am feeling nervous so seeing a heart beat will make me feel better ūüôā Im booked in for 4:30 this afternoon so ill post a pic when I get back.

now if I can just get rid of this darn cold ill be set ūüė¶

Week 7

I feel huge! Tonight I had to unbutton my jeans so I could breathe and they are stretchy! I told my mum im expecting yesterday and she is stoked. The reason I told her ahead of our Christmas announcement is that I have to give the doctor a family history and I wasn’t sure if we had any. Got my bloods back and my thyroid is low so re testing next week. Mum said all clear on the family history and that we actually have all had 100% perfect pregnancy and delivery so here’s hoping.

Symptoms: No morning sickness although mum said hers started at 8weeks and went to 14 so I’m not out of the woods yet. Bloating, gas, pulling sensation when I turn over in bed, slightly uncomfortable to lay on stomach. Slight fluttering inside signals my uterus expanding. Nipples still hurt. I cant eat much without feeling really full.

Baby: Size of a blueberry, 1.5cm long. Growing hand and feet nubs but no fingers or toes yet. Eye lids and some organs are coming through. Starting to look less like a seahorse and more like a baby.

I don’t get my first scan until 10 weeks I think. I’m bummed as a lot of the ladies on my fb group have had theirs and got to hear the heart beat. I guess if I wait until 10-12 weeks I get so see a baby shape rather than a smudge. Also I know boobs get bigger during pregnancy but it just seems to be my left one atm. I look lopsided!


Some mums (like me) want to be stay at home mums. The family budget doesnt always alow for this. If you are hoping to show your better half how much money can be saved by you staying at home i have been coming up with ideas. Alot of the blogs i have read about saving money on children are things like entertainment and making a will. Not really what i had in mind. What i am really looking for are everyday ideas. I have picked up a few over the years which i am hoping to use.

1. Facewashers instead of wetwipes. This one is from my childcare days. Roll up facewashers and stack them in a container. Pour over warm water enough to just wet them (you can add a few drops of baby oil if you want). Wipe, wash and repeat. You will need between 10-20 depending on how often you intend to wash them. Make sure you use a different color for cleaning faces.  

2. Dryers. I have a deep hate for them. If i own one i have to use it and they suck electricity like nothing else! I literally halved my electricity bill by getting rid of my dryer.

3. Buy bulk. Buy a chest freezer if you have the space and stock up. At the supermarket last week i could buy 400g beef mince for $9 or 2kg for $11. Thats about 4-5 meals worth of mince. Pasta is also a saver with home brand often going for $1 a bag.

4. We dont do coupons in Australia like the US, but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt be keeping an eye out for sales. If you can freeze it, or store it, buy it. Spaghetti sauce can go for as low as $0.50 a jar on sale.

5. Dont get into the debt trap. A good lesson i learnt is that alot of kids and young adults (under 30) have so much debt because they want what their parents have. But their parents spent the last 50yrs getting that stuff. Dont go for instant gratification.

6. Buy used and save the difference. This one i got from the Duggars (they have 19children). Say you want a new pair of jeans for $100. Buy a pair from the thrift shop for $20 and put the extra $80 in your savings account. That way in a year or so you will have quite alot of money to take a holiday or pay a chunk off your home loan. I once went to a salvos store and they had a whole stock from Jeans west, brand new, tags on. They smelt of smoke from a neighbouring store fire so couldnt be sold anymore and were donated. Brand new, this season clothes for 1/4 the price.   

7. I know alot of kids stuff is cool and shinny but honestly kids dont need it. Ever seen a kid ignore a toy and play with the box instead? Think of games and activities that you can do with household items. You would be suprised how entertained both you and the kids will be.

8. #7 goes for dressing the nursery too. Yes 10pairs of little shoes are cute but the kid only needs one pair, maybe two if one set gets wet. Likewise do you really need a crib AND a bassinette? Cot bumbers are cute but they have to be taken out because they are a choking hazard. Think of the essentials and things that are going to last (they can be cute too).

9. Baby specific things can be over priced. Like booking a wedding cake, they will up the price because its a wedding. Cott sheets can be pricey, or you can buy double bed sheets, cut them in 4 and re-hem and you have 4 sheets for the price of one.

10. Channel the sound of music. Clothes from curtains? You will be the only one to know what that cute little dress is made of. I have seen beautiful kids clothes made from tableclothes, old shirts, curtains. I am making my own bibs with old clothing and friends have asked where i bought them so they can get some.

11. Again buy things that will last. When buying a pram think on how long you intend to keep it for. Sure you have a baby now but it will get bigger, whats the weight limit? Planning on having more kids? Does it accomodate a second seat? Carseats too, some go up to 4yrs and some will go right up to 8yrs old.  



I like the spindle detail on this

As this pregnancy progresses im starting to seriously look at things for the nursery. And you know what. I hate 90% of it. Its all so tacky and frilly and commercial. I mean when it comes to cribs you have three choices, white, dark chocolate, or plain wood…ew. Really? Three choices? And they all pretty much have the same design, small cage.


Old fashioned black metal

I have seen some that I actually don’t hate, they¬†have personal items in them. Books, book shelves, desks. Im determined that this room will be functional not ikea.

I like this idea of having a bed and a crib. It makes it look more child friendly.

pretty little ones room

Crib and bed combo

such a cute kid bed

How cool is this

Of course you have to have the room to do this. I have started buying little things but wont buy too much until I get the major furniture sorted out so I know the theme for the room. Im thinking rustic old fashioned farm house. Like the Weasleys from Harry Potter, I bet their nursery wasn’t clean ūüôā

very sweet



I have found that i have been nesting lately. Cleaning, organising and getting stuff done. This i assume is me getting ready for bub. BD told me i cant buy anything until next year but i just bought a wet bag off etsy. My rational is that most of that stuff is one of a kind and already a few things I liked are gone. So ill buy them now and hide them lol

Speaking of nesting. On the weekend we went out and bought a new lounge set, recliners! Im not fussed on the color but as BD is a truck driver and we have dogs we cant get a pale color so they are dark grey/brown ish.ImageI have also continued to chip away at one of the spare rooms. I intend to use it as the nursery. We have another room but it is bigger and set up as a guest room so if my mum comes down when i have bub we will need that room as is. Of course if it turns out to be twins we will have to revise this plan. Most of the things in my nursery room are mine from when i moved in a few months ago and didnt need so just left them there. Clothes mostly i think. The bed will be chucked down the¬†tip i think. BD said they got it for free from a friends nan’s garage and its really old. The room itself isnt large. The bed is¬†double and that brown thing in the door is a wardrobe which ill move out. There is also a tiny one door¬†built in¬†behind it which im not sure if ill use or put a chest of draws in front of and just ignore it.

¬†I have also selected a draw (big, long and deep) in the kitchen to clean out and use for bub stuff. I will gradually throw the crap in it out as its BD’s so he wont let me throw it if he knows im doing it lol But seriously no one needs 6 frypans, 3 toasters, 3 sandwich makers and a doughnut maker…

Test results

Got the results of my first bloods the day after, pretty good hey. I have low Vit D so have to take a supplement in addition to Elivit which I was already on. She also said that I have an under active thyroid so she has asked me to retest in two weeks. She is my normal doctor so she said that a year ago she tested it and it was fine so it may be due to the pregnancy. I googled it (as you do) and it says that thyroid controls brain development and that if its low I have to take a supplement which I think contains Iodine which is usually found in bread, salt and water in Australia. Not too bad all up.

Weighed in today. Im at 110.7kg which is 2kg over what I was a month ago. This might sound like a lot but I usually gain 2kg during my period from fluid retention so I assume this is the same. In my second and third trimester I am meant to gain 500g a week for bub. That’s a lot on my small frame so I hope I can cope with it. Ill have to work extra hard after they are born to shift it back to 100kg or under.

Week 6

Its week 6 people! Had my first visit to the GP yesterday and got leached (blood tests). I always hate them because im hard to get blood out of but i let her know that last time they just tapped the big vein so she did the same thing and was fine. I thought she would order a dating scan but didnt so i dont get my first scan until 10weeks when they check for downs.

Symptoms: Light nausia between breakfast and lunch. Nose bleeds, had a fluttering feeling    which is apparently my uterus expanding. Gas, bloating, tired.

Baby: Size of a bean today and starting to grow, ears, nose, eyes, veins and lungs and arm and leg nubs. Still considered an embrio rather than a fetus.

Im still not sure this is all real. My BD asked if the doctor confirmed things when i was there and i told him that the at home test is the same as theirs so I was confirmed from that first test a week ago.  The blood test will tell me my hormone levels. I think they should be up around 2000 at this stage. Will also check for my imunisation imunities like Measles, reubella and HIV. I chose to go public rather than private as friends have said they much prefered public and the cost is lower. I will have a private room at the hospital though i hope as i have insurance so it wont cost extra. Doc said my next appointment is at 10weeks so this time next month just before christmas when we tell the family. Will get a scan then too i think, i hope lol Then i think she said i go back then at 20weeks for another scan then the natal clinic at the hospital takes over my care.

On a side note i keep thinking everyone must be able to work out im preggers. Cant they tell? But then i think well i look 6months because of my weight already and i havent had any sickness so how would they know? I had lcecream with my sister last night and was sooo tempted to just blurt it out but restrained myself. For one she is having a mid life crisis as she just turned 30 last month. She is also having love life issues so i thought it would be poor form to tell her, also BD said not to tell till im 12weeks which is christmas.

Now to wait for my blood results to come back and then i have to wait a whole 4 weeks before my next milestone…Im not good at waiting ūüė¶

The nappy debate

Being as this is my first child i will base this study off resesarch and 3 years spent in childcare changing many many bottoms. So, cloth vs disposable.


  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • disposable
  • Can buy differnet sizes and styles for growing bub
  • contains chemicles
  • Some are biodegradable
  • Easy to use when out and about
  • Absorbant
  • Costly over time


  • No longer just terry toweling
  • Can be size adjustible
  • Large upfront cost but cheaper in the long run
  • Time consuming washing
  • no chemicals
  • Need changing sooner as not as absorbant

Cloth nappies can cause nappy rash but so can cheap disaposible. There are liners you can use for the cloth ones that you can throw out for #2’s that save time in scraping off the mess when you need to wash them. The one big thing cloth has going for it is cost and if you are planning to be a stay at home mum this can be a deciding factor. What is the cost? A three pack of the new style cloth are about $40-$50. Dispoables are about $30-$50 for an 80pack. For me i think i will go a combination of the two. Cloth for everyday use, then disposible for when im short on time or out and about. Save money and time ūüôā