Test #8 my eggers is preggers

We aren’t telling family until Christmas (13weeks) so don’t blab people! But I had to tell someone so why not total strangers lol. Not sure how the BD feels about our impending parenthood. He didn’t seem enthusiastic when I told him but that may just be him being a guy.

So lets do a system check:

Weight: 108.7kg

Week: 5

Symptoms: Sore nipples, slight nausea but not enough to be worrying about. Bloated.

I need to make a doc appointment, I’m thinking the 12th of Nov as i have the day off which will be about 7weeks. I believe first scan is at 10 weeks then Christmas is 12/13 weeks which is when we are telling the family.¬† 13weeks is the end of my first trimester so the end of morning sickness (if I get it).

According to the internet I’m due on July 4th 2014.


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