Over informed

So I have always thought once you are preggers than that’s it. But now that im reading things online its freaking me out. There is a good chance that it can just go away in the first two months. Miscarriage risk is super high for the first 4 months. Then I am hearing stories from friends who have lost their bubs at 6-9months for no reason. Its seriously giving me a complex! I know that in all likely hood everything will be fine but until I get this first few doctors appointments over and done with and get things confirmed im nervous and don’t really believe that its happening. Sweet

I am reading up and didn’t realise I need an OB. I thought that your GP handled the whole thing. So now I have an appointment at the GP for Thursday. She will give me a referral to an OB and for a blood test. The week after ill have my blood test and hopefully get in for my first OB appointment which are monthly apparently. So until that’s all done I don’t think I will believe it. I even took another test just to make sure it wasn’t a chemical pregnancy…I know. So this is my current to do list:

4/11 Week 6: GP appointment

11/11 Week 7: Blood test first OB appointment?

5/12 Week 10: Ultrasound

23/12 Week 13: Tell family and friends we are expecting/ end first trimester


I am also wondering when is a good time to start seriously shopping. I think it will have to be after Christmas so past the 4month mark. Maybe after 6months (March)? That gives me time to save up and get one big ticket item a pay. Plus this will be my parents first grand child so im expecting a fair amount of financial gifts from them. Baby Travel: Travel Bag for Babies - IcreativeD.... epic idea ;)Maybe a big ticket item each. If you are wondering what I consider a big ticket item, Crib, pram, car seat. Im expecting each to be between $100-$500.

BD and I have also been talking names. He likes Jasmine for a girl where as I like Molly. We both like Reuben James for a boy but he wants to shorten it to Ben like his grandad where as I want to leave it as is. Its kind of freaky actually I have a friend named Reuben and had a dream about him last night, then today BD told me that Ben was short for Reuben. It think its a sign 🙂 Im still expecting twins but will have to wait for the 10weeks scan to know.  Also how cool is the bag/bed opposite? Getting one for sure.


One thought on “Over informed

  1. Having stress and fear is the worse thing when your pregnant and are still in your first trimester. I am on my 6 week, and you just need to breath and wait. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Remember, it is not always good to look everything up on the internet! It’s better to ask people who have experienced it or are a doctor. Good luck 🙂

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