Test results

Got the results of my first bloods the day after, pretty good hey. I have low Vit D so have to take a supplement in addition to Elivit which I was already on. She also said that I have an under active thyroid so she has asked me to retest in two weeks. She is my normal doctor so she said that a year ago she tested it and it was fine so it may be due to the pregnancy. I googled it (as you do) and it says that thyroid controls brain development and that if its low I have to take a supplement which I think contains Iodine which is usually found in bread, salt and water in Australia. Not too bad all up.

Weighed in today. Im at 110.7kg which is 2kg over what I was a month ago. This might sound like a lot but I usually gain 2kg during my period from fluid retention so I assume this is the same. In my second and third trimester I am meant to gain 500g a week for bub. That’s a lot on my small frame so I hope I can cope with it. Ill have to work extra hard after they are born to shift it back to 100kg or under.


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