I have found that i have been nesting lately. Cleaning, organising and getting stuff done. This i assume is me getting ready for bub. BD told me i cant buy anything until next year but i just bought a wet bag off etsy. My rational is that most of that stuff is one of a kind and already a few things I liked are gone. So ill buy them now and hide them lol

Speaking of nesting. On the weekend we went out and bought a new lounge set, recliners! Im not fussed on the color but as BD is a truck driver and we have dogs we cant get a pale color so they are dark grey/brown ish.ImageI have also continued to chip away at one of the spare rooms. I intend to use it as the nursery. We have another room but it is bigger and set up as a guest room so if my mum comes down when i have bub we will need that room as is. Of course if it turns out to be twins we will have to revise this plan. Most of the things in my nursery room are mine from when i moved in a few months ago and didnt need so just left them there. Clothes mostly i think. The bed will be chucked down the tip i think. BD said they got it for free from a friends nan’s garage and its really old. The room itself isnt large. The bed is double and that brown thing in the door is a wardrobe which ill move out. There is also a tiny one door built in behind it which im not sure if ill use or put a chest of draws in front of and just ignore it.

 I have also selected a draw (big, long and deep) in the kitchen to clean out and use for bub stuff. I will gradually throw the crap in it out as its BD’s so he wont let me throw it if he knows im doing it lol But seriously no one needs 6 frypans, 3 toasters, 3 sandwich makers and a doughnut maker…


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