I like the spindle detail on this

As this pregnancy progresses im starting to seriously look at things for the nursery. And you know what. I hate 90% of it. Its all so tacky and frilly and commercial. I mean when it comes to cribs you have three choices, white, dark chocolate, or plain wood…ew. Really? Three choices? And they all pretty much have the same design, small cage.


Old fashioned black metal

I have seen some that I actually don’t hate, they have personal items in them. Books, book shelves, desks. Im determined that this room will be functional not ikea.

I like this idea of having a bed and a crib. It makes it look more child friendly.

pretty little ones room

Crib and bed combo

such a cute kid bed

How cool is this

Of course you have to have the room to do this. I have started buying little things but wont buy too much until I get the major furniture sorted out so I know the theme for the room. Im thinking rustic old fashioned farm house. Like the Weasleys from Harry Potter, I bet their nursery wasn’t clean 🙂

very sweet



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