Week 7

I feel huge! Tonight I had to unbutton my jeans so I could breathe and they are stretchy! I told my mum im expecting yesterday and she is stoked. The reason I told her ahead of our Christmas announcement is that I have to give the doctor a family history and I wasn’t sure if we had any. Got my bloods back and my thyroid is low so re testing next week. Mum said all clear on the family history and that we actually have all had 100% perfect pregnancy and delivery so here’s hoping.

Symptoms: No morning sickness although mum said hers started at 8weeks and went to 14 so I’m not out of the woods yet. Bloating, gas, pulling sensation when I turn over in bed, slightly uncomfortable to lay on stomach. Slight fluttering inside signals my uterus expanding. Nipples still hurt. I cant eat much without feeling really full.

Baby: Size of a blueberry, 1.5cm long. Growing hand and feet nubs but no fingers or toes yet. Eye lids and some organs are coming through. Starting to look less like a seahorse and more like a baby.

I don’t get my first scan until 10 weeks I think. I’m bummed as a lot of the ladies on my fb group have had theirs and got to hear the heart beat. I guess if I wait until 10-12 weeks I get so see a baby shape rather than a smudge. Also I know boobs get bigger during pregnancy but it just seems to be my left one atm. I look lopsided!


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