Week 8

I have a horrible horrible head cold. As im knocked up I cant take any cold and flu meds so I just have to suffer šŸ˜¦ Anyway:

Baby: Growing fingers and toes this week.

Symptoms: none, beside my cold I was feeling fine.

My thyroid is also still not right so im on meds for it. It should be 2 and mines 3.4. I also requested a dating scan because I have no symptoms I am feeling nervous so seeing a heart beat will make me feel better šŸ™‚ Im booked in for 4:30 this afternoon so ill post a pic when I get back.

now if I can just get rid of this darn cold ill be set šŸ˜¦


2 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. I am also not having any symptoms to speak of- were you abel to see/hear the heart beat? I also saw on another post they set you back a week- do they not go by LMP, or does it depend on mother’s regularity? Sorry for the questions- I have my first appt next week and I want to be prepared!

    • Saw but couldnt hear a heartbeat. They do the EDD by LMS at first but when you get your first ultrasound they will measure bub and give a more accurate date šŸ™‚

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