The mums in my group have been talking home birth. Its a no go for me, im a clean and sterile woman and want a doctor and stuff. But a lot of them are also looking at Doulas. A doula is a woman who is trained in birthing. She has no medical training, basically she is there to help with pain relief techniques, tell the doctors your prefernces when you are in too much pain to do it yourself. Basically, she is the ball in your court. They cost between $800-$2000 depending on how experienced they are. For me its a no, but I can see their appeal.

Then I figured I should actually look into different birthing options. I started with drugs 🙂

Epidural – For me this was a yes from the start until I read up about it. Now im more of a no. Basically the pro of it is it basically takes away all ya pain! The cons are that labour will go for longer, you will need a capita as you will lose bladder control, you may need drugs to make your contractions stronger, baby may have trouble latching on for a few days after making breast feeding difficult, and baby may be unsettled and cry more for the first few weeks. These are just the common side effects! Frankly these far out weigh the whole pain free thing.

Gas – This has few to no side effects beside making you nautious and dizzy if you have too much. Pro is it can ease the pain but not take it away. I think this is a much better option as I can control how much I need.

My mums three births lasted 11hrs, 30mins and 15mins. Basically they were too fast for drugs for the second two and she said frankly it wasn’t that bad. Sure it hurt but you forget it after. I don’t believe her but still lol I also read that the calmer you are the less it will hurt.  So I will be practicing my breathing and finding a happy place 🙂 Other things can help too, like moving around, walking, warm water and massage.


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