Body image

I shake my head every time someone in my mothers group posts that they are upset because they have gained 2kg or because their clothes don’t fit anymore. Frankly I think its terrible that we care so much about the way that we look that we forget that we are growing a human! You are not getting fat, you are not ugly, you are a pregnant mummy who has a human being growing inside of you and it needs space to grow. So yes you will expand and as baby grows you will gain weight! This should be a happy time and experience. But because society has us so focused on how much we weigh and what size we are many women just see themselves getting bigger and feel like failures. Frankly for the next 12months you really just have to let all diets and fitness go. Sure eat healthy and keep up some light exercise if you feel up to it but those marathon trips to the gym and days where you eat nothing but salad are gone until after baby is born and your body has recovered.

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Most women will gain 10-20kg by the time bub is born. This isn’t necessarily fat! This is another human being growing heavier. Its like picking up your dog and stepping on the scales then being upset because you weigh more, well yes of course you do!

The best advice I can give is to just not step on the scales or look in a mirror. Seriously. You can live without both they aren’t essential to our survival haha Eat what you crave as this is what your body needs to maintain your own and bubs health. Love your growing bump and relish in the knowledge that it will be gone in 9months. Frankly the easiest weight you will ever lose!

Then when bub is born you will need to focus on them and believe me you will not have time to eat or worry about any of that. Take bub for walks, breastfeed and snack on fruit. The weight will come off. No your stomach wont be flat but your ab muscles and uterus need time to shrink and knit back together. Give it 3months before hitting the gym again. Give your body time to get back to its regular shape and all your organs time to shuffle back into place. Trust me no one is looking at your belly when you are holding a new born and thinking you are just being lazy.

If it helps write yourself a reminder of one week worth of ‘normal’ eating. What you ate before bub. Then when you are ready to get back to normal use this as a meal plan. It can be hard after a year to remember how you used to eat so this will remind you.

A lot of people look at celebrities and see them lose 20kg in a month after bub. Its not possible! They have nannies, personal trainers and spanx! Its an optical illusion. They still have flabby bits they are just covering them really well. And no, you may never fit into a size 6 again because your waist has stretched for bub and just cant fit back in anymore. Look at pictures of Miranda Kurr before and after. You will see clearly that her waist is thicker despite her six pack.

So please ladies, love the changes and stop focusing on the numbers.


12 Weeks – 1/3 of the way there!

Hit the three month mark today! Im feeling good but will feel a whole heap better next Friday at our scan and I get to see that bub is still there and healthy.

Symptoms: Light nausea. Still having food aversions. Still tired as hell. I had a 3hr nap yesterday lol Sleeping on my side is becoming the comfy thing to do but I can still lay on my front or back.

Baby: Will start moving up from my pelvis now, about two finger widths a week so by week 14 it should be around my bellybutton and ill start showing more. Has started moving a lot but I wont feel it until Feb.

We (I) went to the boxing day sales and put the rocker I was talking about last post on layby, also a car seat, we went with the safe N sound convertible Safe N Sound Compaq Convertible Car Seat - Apple Greenon sale from $440 to $270! Hoping to get the green one but they have to see if they can order it from another store. Otherwise ill get the grey floor stock one (the others are all black which I think will get hot in summer). Also got two sets of cot sheets (not on sale but don’t tell BD). Considered getting some bottles and a breast pump but decided to wait a bit longer. No rush. Some of the other ladies have bought so much stuff that I think is rather commercial and I wasn’t planning on getting it. Like a steriliser. Frankly I don’t see the need unless bub is premmy and has a low immune system. Even some doctors are saying its not necessary. That’s $100 I can save by not getting one. They are also buying super expensive glass or closer to nature bottles (about $100 for 4). I don’t see the need, a bottle is a bottle and I think the woollies ones are just as good and from what I have heard my friends babies actually prefer the cheap ones. A breast pump is something I will need if I want any peace. I can express from about 2-3 months so that BD can feed bub and I can get a break, ill continue to breast feed too but it wont be only up to me. I also think its a good bonding chance for BD and bub if he gets to feed him too.

Something else that cropped up this week was that I talked to my SIL (neither of us are married but we are dating brothers so close enough) and she said that for the first 2months of her first borns life she wasn’t aware that they needed to be burped…I was horrified. Don’t they teach that in antenatal classes?? Or frankly who doesn’t know that? Did she not google how to care for a new born or read any books? How can a person go into this without doing a little research?! The women in my mothers group said that antenatal classes are basically just for labour and breastfeeding advice and don’t cover much else. I think that’s terrible. why would you not go through what to expect and do for the first few weeks of bubs life, feeding, burping, bathing and changing. Frankly I think a lot of mothers go into this a little naïve as to the needs of a newborn and get really overwhelmed as a result. My best advice is to google it, seriously, there are some great articles out there on what to expect for first time mums. Here are a few tips:

  • Bub will need feeding at least every 2-3hrs. If they start smacking their lips or sucking it means they are hungry.
  • Expect up to 10nappy changes a day while on breast milk
  • Sit baby up supporting its chin and neck and gently pat its back until it burps or farts after each feeding (you will want a cloth for any spit up when it burps). You can also drape them over your shoulder and pat. This can take a while so be patient.
  • Don’t let bub sleep while its feeding, it will just wake up after a few mins and demand more and you will never stop feeding.  My mum suggests gently flicking your finger across their cheek to wake them up and remind them to keep feeding. About 10-30mins is an average feeding time. But remember to watch bub not the clock. If they are still feeding after 30mins just let them keep going as they may be having a growth spurt.
  • The black nappy. When a baby is born it has amniotic fluid in its body. When it gets rid of this it will come out as a thick black tar like substance and will be super hard to wipe off. Good luck lol
  • Babys fingers and toes may be blue as their circulation system gets going. Make sure you put socks and mittons on them to keep those little digits warm.
  • It may be hard as a new mum to remember but please look after yourself too. Eat well and drink a lot to keep up milk production and energy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family. Even an hour of baby sitting in your own house is time to have a shower and eat lunch. Or just ask them to do a load of laundry or cook you dinner or even get you some groceries. They will love to see bub and feel useful.
  • Oh and lastly. Before bub is born I would advise stocking up your cupboards. Toilet paper, frozen veg, butter, pasta, tinned goods, shampoo. All last a long time and that’s one less thing to worry about.


Nursery design – problem #1

I have started designing and picking major items. Vrib, pram etc. They are perfect. The only issue is I don’t think my BD will agree. He told his parents he wanted white furniture…that’s soooo boring. I had more of a natural look in mind with a few accents.Newport Cot - Heritage Teak No baby animal prints! And no Disney. I am loving this rocker on the left though. It flattens out to a bassinet and it vibrates and plays music, for $150! I was hesitant to get a bassinet because they can only use them for 6months and they cost like $200. No thanks. But this one is just a normal rocker too so they can use it until they are about 1yr.

Tiny Love Rocker Napper - Blue


So any tricks to get your fella on board? I think he will be pretty accommodating but if he has his heart set on something I know that feeling and its hard to be excited by anything else.

Good news is we got rid of the bed in the spare room so once I get my butt into gear and get the other assorted crap out it will be ready to start piling my baby stuff into, which is a good thing because its overflowing the plastic tub I was hiding it in 😛 I’m thinking we don’t need to buy any more clothes at all because my mum is going to town in the second hand shops.

The other thing that came up this week was that some of the girls in my mothers group are having the man friend issue. Its where your mans friends as him stupid questions like. Are you sure your ready? That means your stuck with her you know…

I mean seriously people, what is wrong with you! You have a pregnant girlfriend/ wife, your choice in the matter is officially made. It doesn’t matter if you are ready, its happening you need to deal with that. Also I don’t understand why people think its such a big deal. Like you will never see them again, ah folks its called a baby sitter. I also don’t get why people are sad that they cant go out to a night club until 3am anymore…seriously? You do those things to kill time until something more interesting comes along, who wants to have a hang over, get sleezed on by guys, get beer thrown up your leg and shoved around and be $300 broker in one night, no one! Seriously, clubbing is for single people with nothing better to do.  ok rant over haha

Week 11 – Almost end of first trimester!!! also, telling dad!


So i forgot i had another blood test yesterday so i have to do it today. Its for my thyroid i believe. I also called my doctor as i was meant to see her at 10weeks which has been and gone with no call from her. I believe she forogt but i left a message for her on tuesday and its now friday and still no call…Im getting edgy as i get closer to the 12weeks scan (which will actually be at 13weeks because of christmas) as we have had a few women who went and found out bub stopped growing a few weeks ealier. Very sad and making me nervious! So i finally bit the bullet and ordered a doppler. A doppler is an at home, handheld device that measures the babys heartbeat using ultrasound (makes me think of Sheldon from Big bang theory when he dressed up as the doppler effect lol). Its not very powerful so can often be hard to find babys heat but it will give me peace of mind if it works. Plus it was only $80.

Symptoms: Cramping and shooting pains in tummy. I think its from sitting for too long but also read it may be from dehydration so will be drinking more water. Nipples have started hurting again.

Baby: Getting big, is now 5cm |…………………………………………………….| about this big. Looking like a little person now. Has started doing womb gymnastics but i wont feel it for a few weeks yet.

It told my dad and brother last night. Brother said congrats but dad is in shock i think haha it went like this:

Showed dad the ultrasound pic

Dad: Whats this

Me: Your grandchild

Dad: *looks at it* Who? You?

Sigh no dad a random is giving you a grandchild. Then all he could say was that he didnt know what to do with that information. My brothers girlfriend was the most excited haha she is so cute. BD was a little alarmed i think and when we left asked me if thats how i thought dad would react because his parents were super excited and gushing where as dad didnt really comment at all. Dad got all emotional when my sister turned 30 this year so i think he is just remembering that we arent his babies anymore 😛 Then BD told him the story of how he hit a guy at work in the head with a shovel, not helping honey! Oh well, thats all the family, now just to tell friends once that scan is done 🙂 6.5months to go! 


Cotton wool kids

I hard on the radio that they are asking parents not to let their kids play in driveways…seriously?!? Sure you might accidentily back over them but with smaller kids why would they be playing out the front without supervision anyway? I mean seriously, where else can they ride their bikes or play with cars on a hard surface? They have also banned skipping ropes and at one school in america a kid got suspended for kissing another kid on the hand, they were 6yrs old. Honestly it makes me want to move to another planet. A baby monitor was also recently recalled because people were putting it in the crib and 2 kids were strangled by the power cord, well der, small baby + length of cord = dangerious. How about some common sense and NOT putting it inside the crib.

Anyway lol Im feeling pritty awesome latley. Food aversions have kicked in with a vengance though. You may confuse this with morning sickness but they are completley different. I dont feel sick if i eat these things. Its like some people like vegemite and others wont touch it with a 10foot pole. Im like that with like 90% of food at the moment lol my safe foods (but it can change daily, or hourly) are:

  • Hot chips and potato scallops with tomato sauce
  • Chinese: wonton soup, veg chow mein, veg in satay sauce
  • Campbells soup: Ham and pea, potato and leak, chinese chicken and corn
  • Pizza: Crust tantori chicken with pineapple and mushrooms
  • Spaghetti with pastasauce(tomato based) and frozen peas and corn with a little parmesan cheese.
  • Hokkien noodles.
  • Bread and butter or plastic cheese (the floppy sliced stuff)
  • Icecream (whoo hoo)
  • Salt and vinegar chips, toobs
  • Scones
  • flavoured milk
  • apple and raspberry coidial

So as you can see its not exactily a long list but its something. Another thing happened this week which threw my groove. My sister got engaged. This may not seem like a big deal but i was thrown by it. This is my time! I havent even told my dad im expecting yet and she wanted to tell him her news first then ask him for a house deposit. I was mad. I managed to convince her not to tell him until next year. You might think im being selfish but this came totally out of the blue (hasnt been dating him long) and this is the first big news i have ever had. I had it all planned out. Then she came swooping in. I could see the conversation with dad “Thats great news but i have to give your sister $20,000 so i wont be able to get you any baby things”. It may be mostly my hormones but hey, im aloud one nice moment and dad will be the only person i get to tell face to face. Dont get me wrong, im super excited for her. But she is also getting married in Turkey, 2 months after bub is born which means i cant go. Sigh. Bad timing all round 😦


Week 10

Almost end of first trimester! Next week is my last week at work before I get a two week break. When I go back I will be in my second trimester.

Symptoms: Feeling much better this week! I still have major food aversions but im no longer feeling sick. Still very tired. I have had a pressure in my lower abs which I assume is bub growing and have had more ligament stretching.

Baby: We have a foetus! Up until this week it was still considered a embryo. Its about

|………………………………….| This long. Major organs are growing and fingers are separated and actually look like hands.

I have an issue at work at the moment where my boss is the only one who knows im pregnant. She is being short with me and just mumbling if I make a comment. I think the issue is that she has known since she was 16 that she cant have kids. People have told me to just ignore her but its hard as she is the only person I work with, the rest of the staff work upstairs and we only see them a few times a week. If im feeling sick I let her know I need a break. When you are sitting next to someone for 8hrs a day its hard not to make any comment about a major part of your life.

Next year I can tell the others and hopefully it will be a bit of a better workplace. But considering my boss has decided she has to get another job, and they are hoping I will take on a roll which I refuse to do (because of a horrible woman in our Sydney area) its going to be a tough 24 weeks until maternity leave starts. Im thinking that while im on leave I will apply myself to finding a new job. By then I will only want to work part time and I will have paid off my car lease so there will be nothing keeping me there. As long as I can earn $500 a week then im fine.

First Trimester

There are alot of things no one tells you about the first trimester. We all know about morning sickness but frankly thats the least of my worries. First of all i havent gotten what i thought of as morning sickness. I get queasy if i dont eat and i have some major food aversions. Namely:

Pork, chicken, pasta, milk, icecream, pasta sauce, bananas, oranges, wet food, chocolate, strong smelling food, anything sweet, tea, coffee, coke.

What i can eat is basically anything salty or deep fried but not with visible oil because then it falls into the category of wet food. Salt and vinegar chips and toobs are awesome! Then we have smell sensitivity. Smells that make me want to gag, grass, sweet food, meat, reheated food. Its basically the equivalant of really bad BO, you just cant stand to smell it or be near it.

Then we have the feeling of being sooooo tired. Its like recovering from a bad illness, all i want to do is lay down and have a nap.

Next we have muscles. Yep, muscles. The muscles in your lower abs are stretching and subtle from a hormone to make them accomodate growing bub. This also means that if you snease, cough, move too fast, roll over or stand up you get a sharp pain in your lower abs that feels like your urerus is being ripped out.

Nipples and boobs. Alot of the women in my mother group have grown one or two cup sizes. This process is painful and not as fun as you would think. One even ended out at the hospital the pain was that bad. Nipples also hurt and grow to the size of plates and get pimples, yep, nipple pimples (you dont pop them just leave them there to be grose).

Then we have the fun time of foods we cant eat. This list is pritty lengthy.

Softserve, pre made salads including cut fruit and lettice, day old takeaway, cold meats, soft cheese, pre cooked food in warmers. This basically excludes all takeaway and food court food. When you have morning sickness and food aversions you add to this list making the only things i can currently eat, toast, yogo and custard. Yet they tell us to eat healthy!

Vitamins, what they dont tell you is alot of women actually get quite sick from the vitamins. They are quite strong and make me feel really sick! Plus they are the size of grapes. Added to this if you are deficient in anything, i for example am also on Vit D and thryoid meds.  

Then we have the list of body things we cant do, dont run, do weights, yoga, lift anything, get over heated. You have no idea how often you do each of these until you arent aloud to. I mean its summer and my legs are so pale i can see veins through them yet i cant go get a tan or even sit in the sun for a bit.

Then to top it all off you will get the flu, all of your mucus channels open up and bang, your stuck in bed, cant breathe, cant eat, cont move fast, the smell of the room is horrible and you cant take any cold medication, not even a nasal spray!

But of course you arent showing yet so everyone just thinks you are making a big deal out of nothing, you arent even big why are you tired just get more sleep. Yeh sure.  

So ladies, good luck, i have 3 weeks until 2nd trimester and it cant come fast enough. But i know that it will bring its own challenges and im told that at the end its all worth it…   

Week 9

Well week 9 starts Sunday but I wont have a computer so ill do it today.

Symptoms: Reflux, food aversions, feel ill if I don’t eat regularly.

Baby: 2cm, no longer has a tail.

My biggest worry at the moment is having a missed miscarriage. They are quite common apparently where you miscarry but don’t know it. I know its silly but its hard to believe im still pregnant when i have hardly any symptoms and as im fat i cant see a baby bump. Next scan isn’t until week 13 so i guess i just have to sit and wait.

I have to say too that looking for pics of the different aged babies for my weekly pics is really disturbing. I keep getting pics of dead and aborted foetuses…I don’t need to see that.

Week 8…again

Ok so those playing along at home will know that when I went to get my dating scan I got put back a week booo but now I’m actually at 8 weeks, yay!

Symptoms: Morning sickness, I haven’t thrown up but tend to feel dodgy everyday. Major food aversions including, eggs, milk, icecream, chocolate, pork, cheese, anything sweet and anything rich. Basically its a guess every meal as to what I can eat. Loving spag bol, dumpling soup, soups, crumpets with peanut butter and jam. I am struggling to drink enough that my pee isn’t dark yellow so I assume this is because bub is growing so fast that most of my fluids are going to its amniotic fluids and less to me.

Baby: 1.5cm, has hands and fingers and toes. (This is my bub at 6weeks 3days)6weeks

The major thing this week is that in considering stopping the vitamins. I didn’t take them yesterday, felt ill up to lunch time them felt better than I have in a while. Took it today and 30mins later I felt sick. Seems silly to me to take something that will make you feel more sick…Some of the other ladies in my group agree and one said that she has three kids, she took vitamins with the first and got really sick, didn’t take them with the other two and was fine, as were the kids. So as much as I want happy healthy kids surely not feeling sick so I can actually eat right is better than feeling sick and eating like crap?? I’ll trial it this week and see if it helps, maybe I can switch to a milder vitamin like a kids gummy 😛 One girl said she is taking Barocca…

Also I believe I am due for another Thyroid blood test this week. I cant remember as last time I was at my GP she gave me a heap of scripts and I didn’t really look at them 😛

Ooo also we get our recliners this week! Our current lounges are free ones, salmon pink leather, ew. so the recliners are dark grey fabric and im sure ill love them when my ankles start to swell 🙂 Am also excited as today is Dec 1st so I get to start Christmas decorating!