Week 9

Well week 9 starts Sunday but I wont have a computer so ill do it today.

Symptoms: Reflux, food aversions, feel ill if I don’t eat regularly.

Baby: 2cm, no longer has a tail.

My biggest worry at the moment is having a missed miscarriage. They are quite common apparently where you miscarry but don’t know it. I know its silly but its hard to believe im still pregnant when i have hardly any symptoms and as im fat i cant see a baby bump. Next scan isn’t until week 13 so i guess i just have to sit and wait.

I have to say too that looking for pics of the different aged babies for my weekly pics is really disturbing. I keep getting pics of dead and aborted foetuses…I don’t need to see that.


One thought on “Week 9

  1. I felt the same way up until my first Dr’s appt which was at week 9. I didn’t feel ANY different except for a slower digestive track (to put it nicely)…Still don’t have symptoms to speak of at week 10 but my doctor assured me it’s totally fine and 25% of women won’t have much their first trimester (you just never hear much from them since they are feeling good). Sounds like you have some nausea which is def a sign there’s some baby action going on. I totally understand feeling worried- hang in there the first trimester will be over soon for us both!

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