First Trimester

There are alot of things no one tells you about the first trimester. We all know about morning sickness but frankly thats the least of my worries. First of all i havent gotten what i thought of as morning sickness. I get queasy if i dont eat and i have some major food aversions. Namely:

Pork, chicken, pasta, milk, icecream, pasta sauce, bananas, oranges, wet food, chocolate, strong smelling food, anything sweet, tea, coffee, coke.

What i can eat is basically anything salty or deep fried but not with visible oil because then it falls into the category of wet food. Salt and vinegar chips and toobs are awesome! Then we have smell sensitivity. Smells that make me want to gag, grass, sweet food, meat, reheated food. Its basically the equivalant of really bad BO, you just cant stand to smell it or be near it.

Then we have the feeling of being sooooo tired. Its like recovering from a bad illness, all i want to do is lay down and have a nap.

Next we have muscles. Yep, muscles. The muscles in your lower abs are stretching and subtle from a hormone to make them accomodate growing bub. This also means that if you snease, cough, move too fast, roll over or stand up you get a sharp pain in your lower abs that feels like your urerus is being ripped out.

Nipples and boobs. Alot of the women in my mother group have grown one or two cup sizes. This process is painful and not as fun as you would think. One even ended out at the hospital the pain was that bad. Nipples also hurt and grow to the size of plates and get pimples, yep, nipple pimples (you dont pop them just leave them there to be grose).

Then we have the fun time of foods we cant eat. This list is pritty lengthy.

Softserve, pre made salads including cut fruit and lettice, day old takeaway, cold meats, soft cheese, pre cooked food in warmers. This basically excludes all takeaway and food court food. When you have morning sickness and food aversions you add to this list making the only things i can currently eat, toast, yogo and custard. Yet they tell us to eat healthy!

Vitamins, what they dont tell you is alot of women actually get quite sick from the vitamins. They are quite strong and make me feel really sick! Plus they are the size of grapes. Added to this if you are deficient in anything, i for example am also on Vit D and thryoid meds.  

Then we have the list of body things we cant do, dont run, do weights, yoga, lift anything, get over heated. You have no idea how often you do each of these until you arent aloud to. I mean its summer and my legs are so pale i can see veins through them yet i cant go get a tan or even sit in the sun for a bit.

Then to top it all off you will get the flu, all of your mucus channels open up and bang, your stuck in bed, cant breathe, cant eat, cont move fast, the smell of the room is horrible and you cant take any cold medication, not even a nasal spray!

But of course you arent showing yet so everyone just thinks you are making a big deal out of nothing, you arent even big why are you tired just get more sleep. Yeh sure.  

So ladies, good luck, i have 3 weeks until 2nd trimester and it cant come fast enough. But i know that it will bring its own challenges and im told that at the end its all worth it…   


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