Week 10

Almost end of first trimester! Next week is my last week at work before I get a two week break. When I go back I will be in my second trimester.

Symptoms: Feeling much better this week! I still have major food aversions but im no longer feeling sick. Still very tired. I have had a pressure in my lower abs which I assume is bub growing and have had more ligament stretching.

Baby: We have a foetus! Up until this week it was still considered a embryo. Its about

|………………………………….| This long. Major organs are growing and fingers are separated and actually look like hands.

I have an issue at work at the moment where my boss is the only one who knows im pregnant. She is being short with me and just mumbling if I make a comment. I think the issue is that she has known since she was 16 that she cant have kids. People have told me to just ignore her but its hard as she is the only person I work with, the rest of the staff work upstairs and we only see them a few times a week. If im feeling sick I let her know I need a break. When you are sitting next to someone for 8hrs a day its hard not to make any comment about a major part of your life.

Next year I can tell the others and hopefully it will be a bit of a better workplace. But considering my boss has decided she has to get another job, and they are hoping I will take on a roll which I refuse to do (because of a horrible woman in our Sydney area) its going to be a tough 24 weeks until maternity leave starts. Im thinking that while im on leave I will apply myself to finding a new job. By then I will only want to work part time and I will have paid off my car lease so there will be nothing keeping me there. As long as I can earn $500 a week then im fine.


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