Cotton wool kids

I hard on the radio that they are asking parents not to let their kids play in driveways…seriously?!? Sure you might accidentily back over them but with smaller kids why would they be playing out the front without supervision anyway? I mean seriously, where else can they ride their bikes or play with cars on a hard surface? They have also banned skipping ropes and at one school in america a kid got suspended for kissing another kid on the hand, they were 6yrs old. Honestly it makes me want to move to another planet. A baby monitor was also recently recalled because people were putting it in the crib and 2 kids were strangled by the power cord, well der, small baby + length of cord = dangerious. How about some common sense and NOT putting it inside the crib.

Anyway lol Im feeling pritty awesome latley. Food aversions have kicked in with a vengance though. You may confuse this with morning sickness but they are completley different. I dont feel sick if i eat these things. Its like some people like vegemite and others wont touch it with a 10foot pole. Im like that with like 90% of food at the moment lol my safe foods (but it can change daily, or hourly) are:

  • Hot chips and potato scallops with tomato sauce
  • Chinese: wonton soup, veg chow mein, veg in satay sauce
  • Campbells soup: Ham and pea, potato and leak, chinese chicken and corn
  • Pizza: Crust tantori chicken with pineapple and mushrooms
  • Spaghetti with pastasauce(tomato based) and frozen peas and corn with a little parmesan cheese.
  • Hokkien noodles.
  • Bread and butter or plastic cheese (the floppy sliced stuff)
  • Icecream (whoo hoo)
  • Salt and vinegar chips, toobs
  • Scones
  • flavoured milk
  • apple and raspberry coidial

So as you can see its not exactily a long list but its something. Another thing happened this week which threw my groove. My sister got engaged. This may not seem like a big deal but i was thrown by it. This is my time! I havent even told my dad im expecting yet and she wanted to tell him her news first then ask him for a house deposit. I was mad. I managed to convince her not to tell him until next year. You might think im being selfish but this came totally out of the blue (hasnt been dating him long) and this is the first big news i have ever had. I had it all planned out. Then she came swooping in. I could see the conversation with dad “Thats great news but i have to give your sister $20,000 so i wont be able to get you any baby things”. It may be mostly my hormones but hey, im aloud one nice moment and dad will be the only person i get to tell face to face. Dont get me wrong, im super excited for her. But she is also getting married in Turkey, 2 months after bub is born which means i cant go. Sigh. Bad timing all round 😦



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