12 Weeks – 1/3 of the way there!

Hit the three month mark today! Im feeling good but will feel a whole heap better next Friday at our scan and I get to see that bub is still there and healthy.

Symptoms: Light nausea. Still having food aversions. Still tired as hell. I had a 3hr nap yesterday lol Sleeping on my side is becoming the comfy thing to do but I can still lay on my front or back.

Baby: Will start moving up from my pelvis now, about two finger widths a week so by week 14 it should be around my bellybutton and ill start showing more. Has started moving a lot but I wont feel it until Feb.

We (I) went to the boxing day sales and put the rocker I was talking about last post on layby, also a car seat, we went with the safe N sound convertible Safe N Sound Compaq Convertible Car Seat - Apple Greenon sale from $440 to $270! Hoping to get the green one but they have to see if they can order it from another store. Otherwise ill get the grey floor stock one (the others are all black which I think will get hot in summer). Also got two sets of cot sheets (not on sale but don’t tell BD). Considered getting some bottles and a breast pump but decided to wait a bit longer. No rush. Some of the other ladies have bought so much stuff that I think is rather commercial and I wasn’t planning on getting it. Like a steriliser. Frankly I don’t see the need unless bub is premmy and has a low immune system. Even some doctors are saying its not necessary. That’s $100 I can save by not getting one. They are also buying super expensive glass or closer to nature bottles (about $100 for 4). I don’t see the need, a bottle is a bottle and I think the woollies ones are just as good and from what I have heard my friends babies actually prefer the cheap ones. A breast pump is something I will need if I want any peace. I can express from about 2-3 months so that BD can feed bub and I can get a break, ill continue to breast feed too but it wont be only up to me. I also think its a good bonding chance for BD and bub if he gets to feed him too.

Something else that cropped up this week was that I talked to my SIL (neither of us are married but we are dating brothers so close enough) and she said that for the first 2months of her first borns life she wasn’t aware that they needed to be burped…I was horrified. Don’t they teach that in antenatal classes?? Or frankly who doesn’t know that? Did she not google how to care for a new born or read any books? How can a person go into this without doing a little research?! The women in my mothers group said that antenatal classes are basically just for labour and breastfeeding advice and don’t cover much else. I think that’s terrible. why would you not go through what to expect and do for the first few weeks of bubs life, feeding, burping, bathing and changing. Frankly I think a lot of mothers go into this a little naïve as to the needs of a newborn and get really overwhelmed as a result. My best advice is to google it, seriously, there are some great articles out there on what to expect for first time mums. Here are a few tips:

  • Bub will need feeding at least every 2-3hrs. If they start smacking their lips or sucking it means they are hungry.
  • Expect up to 10nappy changes a day while on breast milk
  • Sit baby up supporting its chin and neck and gently pat its back until it burps or farts after each feeding (you will want a cloth for any spit up when it burps). You can also drape them over your shoulder and pat. This can take a while so be patient.
  • Don’t let bub sleep while its feeding, it will just wake up after a few mins and demand more and you will never stop feeding.  My mum suggests gently flicking your finger across their cheek to wake them up and remind them to keep feeding. About 10-30mins is an average feeding time. But remember to watch bub not the clock. If they are still feeding after 30mins just let them keep going as they may be having a growth spurt.
  • The black nappy. When a baby is born it has amniotic fluid in its body. When it gets rid of this it will come out as a thick black tar like substance and will be super hard to wipe off. Good luck lol
  • Babys fingers and toes may be blue as their circulation system gets going. Make sure you put socks and mittons on them to keep those little digits warm.
  • It may be hard as a new mum to remember but please look after yourself too. Eat well and drink a lot to keep up milk production and energy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family. Even an hour of baby sitting in your own house is time to have a shower and eat lunch. Or just ask them to do a load of laundry or cook you dinner or even get you some groceries. They will love to see bub and feel useful.
  • Oh and lastly. Before bub is born I would advise stocking up your cupboards. Toilet paper, frozen veg, butter, pasta, tinned goods, shampoo. All last a long time and that’s one less thing to worry about.



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