Lets talk religion

This is my blog and my views. I understand that others will believe differently.

I was thinking today. I was raised catholic by my dad but aloud to stop when I was about 10 if I chose, which I did. My sister and I would say we follow more Buddhist guidelines than any other religion now (peace, harmony and karma with nature) but we are both anti organised religion because religion should be something the individual decides not a mob mentality. So, considering most private schools are religious and a lot of public schools teach religious education, what do we do?

My issue with religious education is that it only teaches one religion, Christianity. They might touch on others but the focus is on god. Some schools tell you that you can have your child excluded but who wants their kid to go sit in a group of two other students in the library like they have lice or something for an hour. Not me. But at the same time I want my kids to have a balanced view on the topic. I want them to learn about all religions and make up their own mind what they chose to believe if anything.

I hope my chosen school offers the option of religious ed or French, or something. Give us a second educational option rather than just having them excluded.

My personal preference would be to teach my child about it myself. This way I can make its as un bias as I possibly can and make them accepting and educated about the whole subject. I have no issue with my child choosing to take on a religion, as long as I know they chose it themselves and weren’t spoon fed it at an impressionable age at school.  I remember going to religious education in primary school. I already went to church so knew all about it.

I was sent to the principle one time because we were told to make easter cards for our mothers featuring god. I told the teacher that my mum wasn’t religious so could I draw something else. I was told no I had to draw jesus or a cross. I drew the easter bunny on the cross…(in my defence i was trying to meet them halfway and didn’t understand why it was so offensive) needless to say I got in trouble and the teacher nearly fainted and had to go sit down for a moment. Even at that young age I knew that not everyone believed in god yet I was being forced to make my mother a religious card. I knew that was wrong. It was a public school too. Thankfully my mum and dad (and principle) both saw my point and agreed with me that it was wrong of them to make me give a religious card to someone who wasn’t religious.

So what do you think. Does religion have a place in schools or should it be taught at home?

On an off topic I feel the same in the court system when they make you swear in on the bible. If you aren’t religious that’s about as significant as swearing in on Harry Potter. To us the bible is fiction so holds no significance to swearing on it…food for thought.


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