Week 13!

Well we made it. Week 13. I start my second trimester next week and cant fricken wait lol

Symptoms: Bub seems to be renovating down there, for the last few days iv had a lot of pressure and pulling from my pelvic region which I assume is bub growing and my womb moving up a little.

My bub at 12 weeks 5 days 🙂

Bub: Here is a pic of my bub! Had my 12 week scan and got to see bub. Measuring 6.3cm and kicking up a storm. It mooned us for a while before we got him to move then he stood on his head for a bit. Stubborn child. Couldn’t tell the sex but ill say girl at this point based on the nub theory.

My hot topic for this week is manners. My ex’s mates horrified me to the point where I dreaded going out with them because they would start food fights at restaurants and were rude to the waiters. Just went out with BD and his cousins and they also had a food fight. Thankfully after BD said that he hadn’t been impressed either which I was soo relieved to hear. They also requested a discount because there was a bug on the salad and their garlic mushrooms weren’t garlicy enough…seriously that’s such a first world problem, you eat whats given to you and don’t complain. I also feel strongly about cleaning up after yourself in food courts. Yes they have cleaners but you have two legs and two hands, take your rubbish to the damn bin. My dad was always very strict on manners and my sister, brother and I were all really surprised at how rude others are now that we are older. You don’t eat before everyone has been served and you are polite to waiters and anyone who cooks for you. And you especially don’t use your phone at the table or when out with other people, although my brother and sister are guilty of this one and I always pull them up on it. The world wont end in the next two hours, put the phone away. Please, thankyou and no hitting are all big ones. And you respect your elders, including mum and dad. you don’t interrupt when grown ups are speaking, you wait politely for your turn (this is something that often makes people think I never talk but actually they just never shut up long enough for me to get a word in). And you always offer to help clean up, or just do it without asking, clear the table or dry while they wash, don’t wait to be asked just initiate it yourself. 

Something that I have had trouble with lately is that when im at someone elses house I wait to be asked for a drink or offered food. In my family you always make sure the guest never has to ask for anything, you offer it first to the point of just bringing food out and letting them eat at their own pace, ie bikkies or cake. But in BD family you serve yourself so they get angry at me for not eating enough because I don’t go to the fridge and make myself a sandwich and drink all their coke. They have given me strict instructions to help myself but it still feels wrong to me.

I guess these could be considered old fashioned values but I think kids these days are way to rude and get away with anything just so that their parents don’t have to keep yelling at them, parents often just ignore bad behaviour so that they don’t have to rouse on their kids in public. Teach them early is my motto. As soon as they can talk they can learn and just keep at them until they do it without thinking. You may be teaching them until they are 18 but that’s ok. They will thank you later.


One thought on “Week 13!

  1. Teach them early is a good motto and I agree! I’m always shocked at how rude some people can be. And they totally justify it, too, and see nothing wrong with their behavior. Not my little baby, nope, she’ll have manners ingrained into her from year 1! Haha

    My ex boyfriends family was like that too- “Help yourself because we wont help you.” I remember the first couple of visits. It was so awkward! I was still getting comfortable with everyone- is hostessing and etiquette to guests completely lost? I know I like to make people comfortable when they visit by getting glasses for them, drinks, asking if they want to eat, etc. I dont want to start rummaging through someone elses fridge/eating their food/etc- what if I accidentally eat what they were going to use for dinner or something? Or like- just start using their oven or something- weird! No way! Its awkward to “help yourself” in most situations lol!

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