Week 14 – Second Trimester!!!

Well I made it to the second trimester. It still doesn’t seem real but have had two nice dreams about babies the last two nights which made me feel a little better. Things I wish I had known about the first trimester is how little you can eat and how much ligaments hurt.

Symptoms: Food aversions lightening up. Ligament stretching. Belly stretching as bub doubled in size this week. I still cant see a bump but my belly has changed shape. It now wider and not as lumpy. I also believe my boobs have grown as my  bras are not sitting right. Although they still fit.  

Bub: Is about 9cm and weighs 43g about the size of a lemon which if you think about it is pretty big. Moving around heaps and I can occasionally feel it if I drink coffee and lean forward for too long. Cant wait for those proper kicks in about 6weeks.

I booked in for the doctor tomorrow afternoon because I haven’t seen her in 8weeks and she hasn’t given me any test results. Frankly its just getting annoying. So im getting my letter with EDD to apply for leave at work and getting all of my test results sent to the hospital. I have my first antenatal visit on the 31st which turns out to be 2mins down the road from me. My GP is so annoying and I hope she has a good reason for not contacting me!

My BD is trying to quit smoking again so cross your fingers. Its his anger that makes him start again each time so good luck baby!


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