Blood types

I got an A+ on my blood results, also known as my blood type lol. I was intregued by this as i know mum is a rare type. I asked her and she is A- and dad is B+. Am i adopted?!?! Turns out that i can be a combo of theirs so its normal for me to be A+. My mother told me to stop trying to get rid of her lolHome Blood Typing Kit

I have always wanted to know what my blood type is so this was exciting for me (im a nerd i know). I went online and found some home typing kits for my bro and sis and BD. My sis imedetly said she didnt want to do one which suprised me because who doesnt want to know their blood type! My bro said yes but he is scared of needles after a bout in the hospital when he was little. I told him its just a little prick like a diabeties blood suger test. He still hates them but wants to know his type so agreed. I told him i would suprise stab him haha So i have ordered 4 at $10 each incase my sis changes her mind when she realises its only a 6min test and 4 little drops of blood.

One of the girls in my group said that her parents are A+ and B- and she is O-. This is rare and the docs think both of her grandparents must have been O and she just got a genetic throwback. The reason pregnant women have to find out their blood type is that if you are a negative type and bub is positive your body will create antibodies against the blood and could kill the next bub to come along. So you have to get anti rejection (or something) injections to stop this happening. Not to mention you can lose blood during childbirth and may need a transfusion. No idea what type BD is but i dont think it affects bub because im + anyway.    


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