My boss seriously needs a voodoo witch doctor or something. She has the worst luck i have ever seen! I will start her story by saying that she is single so lives on a single income and pays a mortgage.

It all started last year. First she sprained her ankle which may not sound bad except that she is a crazy cycalist and rides everywhere and about 70km on weekends with friends. So she was on busses for weeks until it healed.

Then not a month later she cut her thumb off with a power tool, yes off, and had to have it re attached. She came back to work two months later to check on her leave and found that because she was still on probation she didnt have the normal 8weeks sickleave and had actually run out the week before meaning she wouldnt get paid. This was particularly annoying as she had been here well past her probationary period so should have come off it the pervious year but the paperwork had never been done. So now she had to come back to work, still on busses because she cant ride with one hand, and was still in pain. The hospital bills were very high and she didnt have enough to cover her mortgage that month due to the leave mix up. Luckily she borrowed some off her brother and all sorted it self out.

Then, yes there is more. Once she was recoverved from that about 3months later, she was the victum of identity fraud which sapped $1000 from her bank account. She rushed to the bank and did all she needed to. Unfortunatley, for those who have been through this before you will know that this money does get put back in your account but not for several (6-8) weeks. It had also overdrawn her account by $500 which is stupid becuase even she couldnt overdraw. Then when she tried to move her account the new card kept being sent to her old address despite her not having lived there for several years and the bank having her current address. Again she couldnt pay her mortgage so asked the bank to put a hardship freeze on it until the money went back in (this affects your credit rating). Two times they sent the card to the wrong place meaning that she could not access her money for nearly a month! Needless to say as soon as it was sorted out she changed banks.

What her puppy looked like

Then, as she is childless and partnerless she devotes all her attention to her schnauzer dog, Fergus. This little dood went everywhere with her literally as he had his own carrier on her bike and was the mascot for her cycle group. All her pictures at her desk were of this dog and all her stories involved him. Yes you guessed it, Fergus got sick. She noticed an ulcer in his mouth and off to the vet he went. Fergus was only 1.5years old but after several days of care his health was declining. Finally he was diagnosed with congenital kidney failure and a week later he passed away. Again, more vet bills.

I bet you are wishing you werent my boss right now, right!

So i told her that 2014 was her year! After the run of luck last year she would have a steller year this year. Yep, i was wrong. It started with a cold on new years. This cold in her first week back to work last week turned into a sinus infection and meant she had to take a few days off. Not too bad. But then yesterday her elderly neighbour who she walks his dog each morning took a turn for the worst and my boss had to call his daughter to come and see if he needed a doctor. He seemed to recover a little and they put it down to too dehydration. Then today we found out that last night he passed away after nearly 30mins of CPR from my boss and the mans daughter.   

Folks, this woman has to have a curse on her, wouldnt you say!?! Its not that she doesnt look after herself or is particularly ditsy, she is a capible self assured 51year old woman who just has the worlds worst luck. I think i might buy her a lotto ticket. But knowing her she would win then lose the ticket…


One thought on “Voodoo

  1. : ( I have a friend like that…always getting injured, sick, car breaks down, purse gets stolen, loses her phone…she also lives alone, I wonder if there is anything to be said about that. Hmmm. I said a prayer for them both just now…makes me sad to think of people going through so much and not having a lot of support.

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