15 weeks

I have got a more prominent bump now. Of course only I can see it as to most people I would just look like im getting fatter. But to me my fat is sticking out more and is a more rounded shape. Last night was also the first time I have not felt comfortable laying on my stomach. Normally I just bring one leg up so im slightly off it but it wasn’t helping so its now side sleeping for me.

Symptoms: Still some mild food aversions. Out of breath easier. discomfort laying down. Some ligament stretching still. Swollen hands and feet from the heat at night.

Baby: The size of an apple. About 70g and 11cm long. Will react to light if shone on belly.

Im impatiently waiting for those first few kicks. I should feel them between 15-20weeks. Some girls are already getting defined kicks in my group so fingers crossed. This heat is killing me. In Canberra its been about 40c each day and not really cooling over night. Its meant to be back down to 26-33 this week which will give some relief! We don’t have airconditioning at home, all we have is a portable air con in our bedroom which brings it down to a manageable temp but by no means cool. Right now its reading 28c in our room with it on.

We went and picked up the car seat (green) and rocker yesterday. Took us a while to work out how to work both but they are fine now. Also scored a crib for $70 on facebook. Almost got the exact pram I wanted for $80 (RRP$200)  but someone else was a few seconds faster.

I have my first antenatal appointment next Friday. Then my 20 week scan on the 21st Feb. Cant wait as we should be able to see the gender at that one!

Also found this super cool Gif which shows what happens inside your body as baby grows. No wonder its uncomfortable! http://i.imgur.com/2spm4tq.gif 


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