Learning the art of baby

I have been a little horrified/ suprised but how some pregnant ladies have said that they have no idea what you need to care for a baby and have never even held one…Seriously?!? Am i the only one who finds this alarming. That there are women out there about to be given a newborn to take home and have no idea how to care for it!

Sure there are antinatal classes but these just tell you what to expect in labour. they dont teach you how to actually look after it once it is born. I have said before that I know women who didnt know babies need to be burped well thats one aspect but these women literally have no idea what they are doing. I think society needs to wake up to this issue and start a program. Maybe all pregnant women for one or two of their checkups should be made to volunteer at a childcare center to experience how to care for a baby. Or even if new mothers are encouraged to bring their babies to the clinic for hands on experience for the expecting mothers. Just holding bub, picking it up, changing a diaper and feeding it. Or perhaps we should be starting earlier than this. All college (yrs 11-12) students, male and female, have to do 5hrs volunteer at a childcare center. They should be tought how to care for another human being. Its an essential life skill.

Sending pregnant women out to prepare for bub is another issue. Its true, how do they know what to buy. In Russia new mothers are supplied with a ‘baby kit’ instead of a $1000 baby bonus.This kit contains clothes, toiletries for bub, blankets, nappies, bottles and the box it comes in converts to a crib. It gives new mums the basics to care for their children and as a result baby morality rates have gone down. So why can you not buy this from the shop. You can get gift sets which basically have alot of powders and creams in them. But why cant you get a big old box full of all the things you will need for baby?

Its true that babies dont come with instruction manuals but can we not instruct new mums in some sort of classroom. Say three sessions of how to care for a baby then you get a certificate to show the hospital before they book you in.

If i were making a baby kit it would contain:

  •  Clothes
  • Nappies
  • Bottle and formula
  • Basic toiletries
  • blanket
  • beanie
  • booties and mittens
  • Creams and powders.
  • a toy

This way the new mum at least has the bare essentials to keep baby alive and comfortable for a few weeks until they get a handle on things.


One thought on “Learning the art of baby

  1. I have friends who are adopting. They have to take all sorts of parenting classes. I think it is kind of weird that pregnant moms don’t have to. It is just assumed that moms will research these things or that they already have experience with babies. I was blessed to have little brothers and cousins. So I knew what it was like to take care of a baby. I knew how to hold, feed, burp and change a baby. But not everyone does.

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