My Awesome life

I have bad days, weeks, months. But i keep thinking how awesome my life turned in the last year and i cant help but smile.

I met BD in College. I went to school with his younger brother and by and by BD started dating my best friend at the time. I saw him as the broody older man (he was 19 to our 17) and i really crushed hard for him. They broke up after 6months as you do at that age but we continued hanging out down the local league club until our little group disbanded at about 20yrs old as people started getting jobs and friends out side our school group. Over the years we touched base a few times. Sparking up brief conversations on facebook over a post someone had put up but i never really saw him at all for about 8yrs.

Fast forward to January 2013. I had just gotten out of a relationship with a man (i use that term lightly) who told me he never wanted to move in with me, get married or have kids. After 3 years together this was actually a relief that i didnt have to try anymore and could just be me. After a month or two I got sick of people telling me not to worry i would find someone. Folks why cant i just enjoy being single! So i thought i would find a single person to talk to and have a normal conversation. BD sprung to mind so i contacted him on FB and asked how he was. We chatted everynight for a week or two before he asked to catch up for real. I told myself that we were just catching up as friends as i did with my other male mates. But after the second catch up i figured we both wanted more. Fast forward 4months and his housemate moved out and he asked me to move in! I will remind you that I had been waiting 3yrs for my ex to take this step so i was over the moon. We got along great and he was just as awesome as i remembered him back in College with the added bonus that he had mellowed with age and was now laid back and comfortable in his life.

Over the next few months he kept joking that i should go off the pill. Finally i asked if he was serious because i would really like kids. He said that of course he was and bam a month later I was pregnant. I considered briefly if i had done the right thing, after all we had only been together for less than a year but each time i asked myself this the imediate answer was yes. We both adored kids and were at a point in our lives where nothing would make us happier than to have them. To ice the cake we both wanted a little boy to even out the grandkids numbers of 8 girls to 0boys and last friday that dream came true.  

I often wish i could go and tell my teenage self how awesome our life turns out but i think i wouldnt have believed it. So heres to our little family and more happy suprises in the future. 


Week 20!!!!!!!!!! Its a……

OMG half way. Finally. People keep asking if im excited about getting to half way and I remind them that I still have 20weeks to go…That’s a bloody long time lol so im trying to think of it in smaller chunks. 10 weeks to my next ultrasound, 14 weeks until maternity leave and 16weeks until its safe for bub to enter the world.

 Symptoms: Heart burn and extreme hormonal bursts of anger and tears. Please bring chocolate.

Baby: Looked great on the scan an measuring exactly on time.

Was a bit disappointing it was my longest scan but she never really got any baby looking shots as she was mostly checking if it had veins, feet and hands. At the end my sister was like, whats the gender? The chick was like oh did you want to know I usually don’t check…YES WE WANT TO KNOW. She she gooped me up again and checked. Its a…..BOY! Yes folks there was a weiner. There was no mistaking a weiner and scrotum (horrible word honestly).

I have said it before but in our families the last 8 babies have been girls so we are pretty stoked to have the first boy of this generation. Actually in the last 2generations in my family there have been 16girls and 5boys so having a boy is cause for celebration. I feel a strange sense of old Victorian pride at baring my BD a son. I would so be worth heaps of camels as my dowry.  So this means that I can start shopping with a purpose. Checked my stash and have far less than I thought. I have hardly any clothes for birth-3months. Most of the stuff I have is for 6-12months for some reason and they are all onesies. My family has started shopping though so I have passed on my list of what I still need, pants, tops, jumpers, booties. Dad also agreed to buy me a pram which knocks $500 off my budget, yay dad.

BD has been working heaps which makes me feel super lonely as im stuck at home with the dogs who I don’t really like as they shed and stink and put weird marks on the lounge which I really don’t want to know what it is. Today I cried in Best and Less because I thought BD would be home after work today but instead he went straight to his parents place for the night so wont be home until tomorrow afternoon. When I stopped crying enough to buy my things (the poor checkout chick tried to make me feel better) I got home and had 4 bits of toast with 4 slices of bacon and 4 fried eggs and felt much better. Now I’m redecorating the house because it always makes me feel better and contemplating a pedicure. Wonder what BD will say about it when he gets back 😛

Week 19

My post didnt work on Sunday so im trying again.

Symptoms: Heart burn, flickering kicks.

Baby: All limbs are in praportion to bubs head and body now. Studies show that they may be able to hear and sense light.

My post on Sunday was going to be a nice one about quiet books but today the shit hit the fan at work and im stressed to the hilt. A job that had my blood pressure through the roof last year has just been given back to us and already the problems are rolling in. Its all because no one wants to put another woman in her place. No matter how many complaints we make about her no one does anything about it because they dont want to have to deal with her either (she is in another state to me). Its unacceptable in my view but as my assistant director, director and SES wont deal with it there is nothing we can do. Its not even my job but as i only work with two other people directly so it falls to me to help when there is a question or problem. I just informed the other lady that i dont want to hear another single word about it and if she has an issue she will need to take it to the assistant director. It sounds rude but as im continuously told to just ignore the problem thats exactily what im going to do. In 14weeks im out of here for 6months and i can guarantee that i wont be coming back, even if i have to work at McDonalds. No amount of money is worth this.

If you think its just the pregnancy hormones taking consider that this person made 2people retire, 2 change jobs to other agencies and two quit on the spot last year all within a week of each other and all quoting her as the reason they left. Thats 6 staff in an area of 35 staff so its quite alot to lose and still nothing has been done.

I have no idea how this will effect bub but it has been kicking alot since the issue arose today so i can only assume its stressing bub too.  So now im listening to spa music on full volume to try and calm myself down…its working a little, but not much.   

Its not easy being green

So im sitting here wondering whether or not to wake my BD. He has been asleep all afternoon and has a tendency to not sleep at night when he does this, like, at all. But I have a rule not to wake nappers so I might just subtitly poke him lol

Anyway, im actually blogging about green and gifts today. Why green? Well people seem to hate it…I know. It was a total shock to me too. As im not a fan of pink a lot of the stuff im buying is

blue, green or grey. Even when we know the gender I still love green. Yet when ever I buy green stuff people make a comment. Buying the carseat the chick told me I wouldn’t want a green one because its a horrible shade. I insisted she get it in for me, and I love it! Then yesterday I was doing some sneaky shopping (I actually am very poor so shouldn’t have been shopping) and grabbed a super cute set of 3 green onesies. A work colleague came past and commented not to buy yucky green and to get white instead. I mean honestly, I was already holding it why would you comment and white is so boring!

But this brings me to another point I may have already blogged about. People keep telling me not to buy things because people will give it to me as a gift. Well folks I’m nearly half way and have only received one outfit from my sister as a congrats and a few op shops finds from mum. Am I meant so sit around on my hands and expect the world to be given to me? Its like buying a house but not putting anything in it because you might get it at the house warming…Sounds dumb right? So yes I am expecting some gifts near the end or when bub is born but I figure they will be things like creams and gift packs and toys, not practical stuff like a firstaid kit, wraps, bottles, a cot, or pram. And frankly shopping is half the fun, why have a kid if you don’t get to chose what they wear or what their room looks like? So no im not just going to sit back and hope the world throws free things at me, im going to go out and get the things I need, and yes, they will be green!

Week 18

Half way is so close i can smell it! Literally, my sense of smell is awesome right now. I thought i would do a little piece on what pregnancy is really like. Because when your not pregnant you have no idea. You know pregant women will be tired and gassy but those are the least of the things happening.

  1. Its like going through puberty again. Your whole body will change at the drop of a hat and you cant do anything about it.
  2. Gas and Heart burn are your new best friends as are pimples, lots of them! And your skin will be too sensitive to use any clensing masks (burns like hell) and you arent aloud to use pimple cream so its soap and water ladies.
  3. what people cant see are the daily stretches bub is doing that hurt like hell and make you walk like you have been riding a horse for a week. Bub is essentially sitting on your pelvis so makes you feel really heavy and just plain odd and you feel like you need to put a hand down there to hold it up.
  4. You sneeze alot. Nothing i have read tells you this but having spoken to others i can say that this is pregnancy related. Makes your nose run like a tap too.
  5. Kicking. We know that babies kick. At this stage i describe it as a light brushing feeling inside you. Its really really odd knowing that this is a human being moving inside you…babies generally kick (later on) about 10 times an hour so when you see a pregnant woman walking along the street just remember that she may look normal but she is being internally assulted every few minutes and is pretending that nothing is happening.
  6. Questions that you asked pregnant women in the past you now realise are really annoying and you feel like appoligising to people who have had kids. Never ask if it was planned or an accident, its rude and you are basically saying is your child wanted. Also dont ask if you will be getting married or how the baby is doing. We dont know how its doing its inside us, do you know how your small intestine is doing? No, well stop asking how bub is doing. Rest assured that we will also tell you when we know the gender. We have 5months to tell you this, we wont forget so stop asking.

Ok now for the stats:

Symptoms: Stretching and pushing from bub. Light kicks. Heart burn. runny nose. Its getting heavy so most days i actually feel pregnant now.

Baby: 190g and 14cm long. About the size of a capsicum.

We find out the gender on the 21st which is just before 20weeks 🙂 Im betting a boy but from the last scan i think it may be a girl. Either way its super exciting!  


I have a pet hate which im wondering if im the only one who thinks like this. Its onesies. Not the onesie itself, i think they are swell. Its the ones with the slogans on them. My child is not a bill board and frankly some are bordering on sick. Warning that once you read this post you may see these in a new light. Like the owl statue in belconnen which i liked until someone pointed out it looked like a penis and now thats all i can see. Ready? 

Ok. Here are some of the most offensive:

  • I had boobs for breakfast – folks your implying your child is sexualy aroused by breasts like a male. So, so wrong.
  • 9 months ago my mum read 50 shades of grey – you are using your child to advertise an erotic novel,  and your sexual actions, well done parents.
  • Breast milk is a birth right! – way to shame mothers who cant breastfeed.
  • I spent 9months on the inside – inspiring your child to be a criminal
  • Mummas little heart breaker – way to sexualise your child before they are 1yr old also borders on kiddy fantasies.
  • Ladies i have arrived – see last point
  • I drink until i pass out – comparing your child to an alchoholic, classy


Dont get me wrong, i know these are meant as a joke and these are some cute ones like ‘Level 1 human’ (cute game reference). But the more i see the more i cringe. What happened to cute ruffles rather than one liners?

These kind of fall into the same category as mini skirts, midriff tops and bikinis for little girls. Folks the point of these things is to make you look sexy and your letting your 5-10yr olds wear them…..(Note: Im not putting a pick of one on here because when i was searching for one I felt like a paedophile and was looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was walking past…seriously try a google search for child bikini and tell me you dont feel wrong looking at the pics). My girls will be in one pieces and boys will be in a wetsuit or rashie and shorts.

Keep it classy folks.  



Week 17 or 18

At my antinatal appointment on Friday she informed me that they actually get my due date from my last menstral cycle which makes me due on the 4th. This is just bloody confusing. Why wait until you are halfway to see the clinic because now i have no idea when im due as they want to use that data yet everyone else is using the 13th. Thats 9days difference! You might be thinking thats not that much and what does it matter, bub will come when it wants to. Yes thats true but all of my appointments have been booked off the 13th and my leave through work is booked off the 13th and i dont know if they can be changed. This means that im going on leave 2weeks later than i should be…So for now she has left my due date as the 13th but now i have no idea which date to go off 😦 She said they have to make sure its accurate as they need to know when to induce me if i go over.  

Symptoms: Heart burn. I take a quick-eze everynight before bed. The heat is also making my hands and feet swell.

Baby: 13cm and about 170g (if im 17weeks).

I also found the nurse very patronising. I of course got the fat talk. For you thin girls the fat talk is when the doctor, all doctors, break the news that your over weight (really, i didnt realise!) and that its bad for my health (no shit) and that the best way to lose it is eating well and exercising (they must think we are idiots) then they tell you all the side effects of being fat. I generally zone out for this whole talk. I mean im 108kg did they think i was under the illusion that i am skinny??? They also assume you dont eat veg or fruit so give you a phamplet on the food pyramid. My GP gave me the fat talk about a year ago and ordered a whole bunch of tests then had to eat her words when she realised i was perfectly healthy and eat better than my 56kg sister. Steriotype much.

So anyway after the fat talk she tells me that the hospital needs to know my weight and the guy will talk to me about the epi as it can have risks when your fat. I told her that i didnt want an epi. She just patted my shoulder and kept talking. I was shocked that she was being that patronising, shouldnt she be encouraging natural birth? the pat was essentially saying, yeah you are young and wouldnt understand that of course you will be getting an epi. I couldnt wait to get out of that office.

I always hate seeing new doctors because you have to sit there and give info and be told things you already know. If you try and interrupt and say you already know all that they just smile and keep going. I had a girl at the gym once take me through the mandatory session on how to use the equipment. I told her i already knew how to use it all, she just looked me up and down and said, recently? I almost slapped her. I was actually a bit of a gym junky and went to the gym 3 times a week. So i really wish that people would stop generalising their care of patients and at the start of the visit actually ask, do you need info on…Unfortunatley mine told me all about breastfeeding, what i can and cant eat, how big the baby was, the fat talk, I could have saved her the trouble as i have already read up on all of those things and didnt need to be told again. So i just sat there saying, yep, ok, yep and wasted an hour of my life.

Not to mention this is the most uneventful pregnancy ever. Im not sick, or big. Everyone just keeps telling me to enjoy it, im like, enjoy what, nothing? Enjoy people asking me how the baby is and i say i have no idea? Or they ask how im feeling and i say fine and they glare at me like this is such an insult to other women or that im just saying it to be annoying. I had an akward conversation with my aunt who cant have children but has had several missacrriges. I told her how im feeling fine and didnt get morning sickness at all. She looked at me like i was a horrible person and had just told her I was the queen of the world, then she just said enjoy it and walked off. What am i meant to say to that, sorry im feeling so healthy?? Lie and tell her i feel like crap just so that she will be happy?