I have a pet hate which im wondering if im the only one who thinks like this. Its onesies. Not the onesie itself, i think they are swell. Its the ones with the slogans on them. My child is not a bill board and frankly some are bordering on sick. Warning that once you read this post you may see these in a new light. Like the owl statue in belconnen which i liked until someone pointed out it looked like a penis and now thats all i can see. Ready? 

Ok. Here are some of the most offensive:

  • I had boobs for breakfast – folks your implying your child is sexualy aroused by breasts like a male. So, so wrong.
  • 9 months ago my mum read 50 shades of grey – you are using your child to advertise an erotic novel,  and your sexual actions, well done parents.
  • Breast milk is a birth right! – way to shame mothers who cant breastfeed.
  • I spent 9months on the inside – inspiring your child to be a criminal
  • Mummas little heart breaker – way to sexualise your child before they are 1yr old also borders on kiddy fantasies.
  • Ladies i have arrived – see last point
  • I drink until i pass out – comparing your child to an alchoholic, classy


Dont get me wrong, i know these are meant as a joke and these are some cute ones like ‘Level 1 human’ (cute game reference). But the more i see the more i cringe. What happened to cute ruffles rather than one liners?

These kind of fall into the same category as mini skirts, midriff tops and bikinis for little girls. Folks the point of these things is to make you look sexy and your letting your 5-10yr olds wear them…..(Note: Im not putting a pick of one on here because when i was searching for one I felt like a paedophile and was looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was walking past…seriously try a google search for child bikini and tell me you dont feel wrong looking at the pics). My girls will be in one pieces and boys will be in a wetsuit or rashie and shorts.

Keep it classy folks.  




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