Week 18

Half way is so close i can smell it! Literally, my sense of smell is awesome right now. I thought i would do a little piece on what pregnancy is really like. Because when your not pregnant you have no idea. You know pregant women will be tired and gassy but those are the least of the things happening.

  1. Its like going through puberty again. Your whole body will change at the drop of a hat and you cant do anything about it.
  2. Gas and Heart burn are your new best friends as are pimples, lots of them! And your skin will be too sensitive to use any clensing masks (burns like hell) and you arent aloud to use pimple cream so its soap and water ladies.
  3. what people cant see are the daily stretches bub is doing that hurt like hell and make you walk like you have been riding a horse for a week. Bub is essentially sitting on your pelvis so makes you feel really heavy and just plain odd and you feel like you need to put a hand down there to hold it up.
  4. You sneeze alot. Nothing i have read tells you this but having spoken to others i can say that this is pregnancy related. Makes your nose run like a tap too.
  5. Kicking. We know that babies kick. At this stage i describe it as a light brushing feeling inside you. Its really really odd knowing that this is a human being moving inside you…babies generally kick (later on) about 10 times an hour so when you see a pregnant woman walking along the street just remember that she may look normal but she is being internally assulted every few minutes and is pretending that nothing is happening.
  6. Questions that you asked pregnant women in the past you now realise are really annoying and you feel like appoligising to people who have had kids. Never ask if it was planned or an accident, its rude and you are basically saying is your child wanted. Also dont ask if you will be getting married or how the baby is doing. We dont know how its doing its inside us, do you know how your small intestine is doing? No, well stop asking how bub is doing. Rest assured that we will also tell you when we know the gender. We have 5months to tell you this, we wont forget so stop asking.

Ok now for the stats:

Symptoms: Stretching and pushing from bub. Light kicks. Heart burn. runny nose. Its getting heavy so most days i actually feel pregnant now.

Baby: 190g and 14cm long. About the size of a capsicum.

We find out the gender on the 21st which is just before 20weeks 🙂 Im betting a boy but from the last scan i think it may be a girl. Either way its super exciting!  


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