Week 19

My post didnt work on Sunday so im trying again.

Symptoms: Heart burn, flickering kicks.

Baby: All limbs are in praportion to bubs head and body now. Studies show that they may be able to hear and sense light.

My post on Sunday was going to be a nice one about quiet books but today the shit hit the fan at work and im stressed to the hilt. A job that had my blood pressure through the roof last year has just been given back to us and already the problems are rolling in. Its all because no one wants to put another woman in her place. No matter how many complaints we make about her no one does anything about it because they dont want to have to deal with her either (she is in another state to me). Its unacceptable in my view but as my assistant director, director and SES wont deal with it there is nothing we can do. Its not even my job but as i only work with two other people directly so it falls to me to help when there is a question or problem. I just informed the other lady that i dont want to hear another single word about it and if she has an issue she will need to take it to the assistant director. It sounds rude but as im continuously told to just ignore the problem thats exactily what im going to do. In 14weeks im out of here for 6months and i can guarantee that i wont be coming back, even if i have to work at McDonalds. No amount of money is worth this.

If you think its just the pregnancy hormones taking consider that this person made 2people retire, 2 change jobs to other agencies and two quit on the spot last year all within a week of each other and all quoting her as the reason they left. Thats 6 staff in an area of 35 staff so its quite alot to lose and still nothing has been done.

I have no idea how this will effect bub but it has been kicking alot since the issue arose today so i can only assume its stressing bub too.  So now im listening to spa music on full volume to try and calm myself down…its working a little, but not much.   


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