Week 20!!!!!!!!!! Its a……

OMG half way. Finally. People keep asking if im excited about getting to half way and I remind them that I still have 20weeks to go…That’s a bloody long time lol so im trying to think of it in smaller chunks. 10 weeks to my next ultrasound, 14 weeks until maternity leave and 16weeks until its safe for bub to enter the world.

 Symptoms: Heart burn and extreme hormonal bursts of anger and tears. Please bring chocolate.

Baby: Looked great on the scan an measuring exactly on time.

Was a bit disappointing it was my longest scan but she never really got any baby looking shots as she was mostly checking if it had veins, feet and hands. At the end my sister was like, whats the gender? The chick was like oh did you want to know I usually don’t check…YES WE WANT TO KNOW. She she gooped me up again and checked. Its a…..BOY! Yes folks there was a weiner. There was no mistaking a weiner and scrotum (horrible word honestly).

I have said it before but in our families the last 8 babies have been girls so we are pretty stoked to have the first boy of this generation. Actually in the last 2generations in my family there have been 16girls and 5boys so having a boy is cause for celebration. I feel a strange sense of old Victorian pride at baring my BD a son. I would so be worth heaps of camels as my dowry.  So this means that I can start shopping with a purpose. Checked my stash and have far less than I thought. I have hardly any clothes for birth-3months. Most of the stuff I have is for 6-12months for some reason and they are all onesies. My family has started shopping though so I have passed on my list of what I still need, pants, tops, jumpers, booties. Dad also agreed to buy me a pram which knocks $500 off my budget, yay dad.

BD has been working heaps which makes me feel super lonely as im stuck at home with the dogs who I don’t really like as they shed and stink and put weird marks on the lounge which I really don’t want to know what it is. Today I cried in Best and Less because I thought BD would be home after work today but instead he went straight to his parents place for the night so wont be home until tomorrow afternoon. When I stopped crying enough to buy my things (the poor checkout chick tried to make me feel better) I got home and had 4 bits of toast with 4 slices of bacon and 4 fried eggs and felt much better. Now I’m redecorating the house because it always makes me feel better and contemplating a pedicure. Wonder what BD will say about it when he gets back 😛


3 thoughts on “Week 20!!!!!!!!!! Its a……

  1. Congratulations on making it halfway with your baby boy. Little boys are the best, and if you haven’t read I’ll Love You Forever lately, having a boy is a great reason to revisit (you will cry!) Cheers!

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