Week 21 and hormones

Hormones. You think PMS is bad, imagine having it for 9months! Monday night i yelled at the dogs then burst into tears getting out of the shower. No reason. Then any time someone asks me to do something at work i feel like yelling at them to leave me the hell alone and let me do my job! Grrrrr I also burst into tears in Best and Less, while listening to the radio, and imagining going into labour on the loungeroom floor. Im a mess folks! My BD doesnt believe in hormones and just thinks im being a shit head, i mean homestly how can you not understand hormones, you cant make this shit up!

Symptoms: Heart burn and hormones. Kicking. Heavy feeling. Out of breath walking short distances or up a few stairs.

Baby: About 30cm long. Feudal height 22cm which is bellybutton height. Has got all the essentials and will start building his fat layer soon.

My friend finally had her baby last week. 7lbs Girl named Ariana. We are so excited for her, she already has a 4yr old son to another daddy. When he saw his sister he demanded to hold her than asked if he could sing to her and burst into a round of Old McDonald has a farm lol I love kids.

I am also considering doing a cert III in Children Services while im on mat leave. I wont stay where i am and the idea of coming back makes me want to cripple myself. Im not really interested in casual work but if i can get a position at a small centre maybe 3 days a week in the baby room that would work great as bub could get a place there with me and i would feel like i am actually accomplishing something each day rather than being asked to do meanial jobs that really dont need doing in the first place.

13 weeks until Maternity leave! 



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