Week 24

I really think the baby industry needs to address this. I bought a change pad today. Its white plastic and basically pritty boring. So i jumped online to buy a cover for it. For some unexplainable reason they are all made out of cotton or fleece. Now to me this makes about as much sense as a fabric toilet seat. Its going to get all mannor of bodily substances on it. When i googled a solution it says if you want it to be water proof just dont put a cover on it…well gee thanks google. Apparently the done thing is to buy two covers and just use them with disposible liners and wash the cover every few days…does this strike anyone else as a waste of time? Why would you not make the cover out of that plastic covered cotton they make travel change mats out of?!?! It makes zero sense to me. I think, once again, im just going to have to make my own darn cover. My mat is basically plastic filled with padding so a simple pillowcase design with a zip at one end would surfice. Its back to Lincraft for me this week.

Symptoms: Heart burn. Pulling when i roll over. Kicking.

Baby: 30cm long. Can hear me and may have hair.

9weeks until im on mat leave thank goodness. My work seems to have taken a leave of their senses and are annoying me more than usual. I thought it would be nice to have an easter morning tea so sent out invites asking those who wanted to come to chip in $2 for some hot cross buns. there are less than 10 of us so i thought it would be a nice little get together. No. They are all complained about the $2 because last year our Director bought the buns and they feel she should do it again this year. I was pritty dumbfounded that 10 smart women would rather someone else paid their $2 for them…I told them that if they want her to pay then they can ask her themselves. Frankly im sorry i even brought it up.

Oh and im also trialing a friends suggestion of using a little Tea tree oil on my problem areas to combat the hundreds of pimples that have sprung up since about week 8. I have never had an issue with pimples before i got pregnant and its grosing me out. They cover my face, chest and upper back. With any luck this should help.


3 thoughts on “Week 24

  1. i had the same problem with my skin last pregnancy and nothing worked. I went to the Dr and got a topical antibiotic which was safe and that did the trick. Can’t believe your work mates, they would hate my work, we pay for everything including our tea and coffee!!! Good luck with your tea tree oil and let us know if it works 🙂

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