Maternity leave I assumed would be as simple as applying for annual leave. Nup! I am taking 12weeks mat leave at half pay. Then 4 week maternal leave which have to be taken at full pay. Then the 18weeks parental leave (PPL) from centerlink which has taken me three tries online before I gave up and printed the 69pages of forms. But PPL cant be approved before the baby is born and you submit another form and the birth cert then it takes another 3weeks after that for the payments to start, luckily I don’t need it for about 10weeks after bub. Then I found out that I have to be on leave without pay during PPL which means I don’t accrue annual leave which shot my plan of taking annual leave at half pay next year

Now comes the annoying part. Initially this all worked out at full pay to 6months. A colleague mentioned that I was taking a year off. I replied that no I was only taking 6months. She looked really confused and said that everyone had said that I was taking a year. I have no idea how this rumour started as I have only ever intended to take 6months and had told everyone that several times. I mentioned it to my manager and she said she thought I was taking a year…You might be wondering why this annoyed me. Well because its clearly completely made up. Someone has just decided im taking a year despite the fact that my manager had already approved my 6months and I had told everyone this and rather than listening to me when I told them 6months they listened to this other person

Now after the leave without pay incident I am taking 9months to try and stretch it out a bit. I told my manager this and she replied with, oh I thought you were only taking 3months…Honestly why do they bother asking how long im going to be off if they just keep making crap up and ignoring what I say. No matter how many times they ask me how long ill be off they just decide in their own minds how long I should be off and tell other people that. Spreading rumours in other words! Then we get those who tell me to take 5yrs off without pay, I tell them that no I need my pay check, they just say oh but you will want to be at home, folks think about these things before you say them. I highly doubt they could live with no job for 5years. So why assume that having a child makes things cheaper and just assume that I would quit my job. People can be so self righteous without even realising they are doing it. How about rather than commenting they listen to what I say when they ask and assume im not an idiot and have in fact thought about it some what and know what I want to do with my own life. They of course don’t know that I fully intend to quit at the end of my leave because the idea of going back makes me want to kill someone. I will be using my mat leave to find another job, possibly part time where I can earn an income and not hate waking up every day.</p>


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