Week 28 – Third trimester

No post in ages because WordPress is being super annoying and my posts aren’t working properly. Lets see how this one goes.


Symptoms: Constipation, gas, tired

Baby: Moving around a little, I can really feel him at the bottom mostly, his head moving across my belly when he wakes up. He is about 32cm long and weighs about 1kg. If he were to be born today he would have about a 80% chance of survival.

Things are getting real people! I have just under 5 weeks left of work and the big topic on my mind is what the fudge am I going to do with myself for 6weeks until my due date (assuming bub doesn’t come early). I have asked the other ladies in my group and they all said, relax. I don’t think they realise how long 6weeks is. Im honestly going to go crazy getting up each day just to watch TV then go back to bed,  honestly, that’s not going to happen. I need a reason to get up each day! Sure for the first few days it will be fun but 6weeks is like 40days! I have to have a project, or 7 lol I will of course be knitting but I get RSI so I shouldn’t do too much. The nursery is 90% done and all baby clothes washed so that’s not going to keep me busy. All my friends and family work full time so there will be no one else to keep me occupied. My BD has banned me from baking (and the mess involved) so that’s out hahaha

I went to the inlaws this weekend and BD mothers first comment was “OMG your huge are you sure its not twins.” Yeah, because that’s what every woman wants to hear. Im not the only one getting this. How big do they expect you to be, you are carrying a human in a balloon. Yes, your belly is going to be large. No, we don’t want you to remind us of how huge we are every day. And yes after several doctors visits and 3 ultrasounds we are sure its not twins, but im sure you are more qualified to know that than the technician…People also keep asking what I need, am I all set up. When I say yes they don’t believe me and start listing things. What part of yes are they not getting. My child is due in less than 12weeks. Of course I have everything. And when I say everything this obviously includes a crib and change table, because those are the first things they seem to list. Like everything wouldn’t include a crib…or clothes….My sister hates when I say how annoying these questions are because she just tells me its people being interested. She doesn’t realise how often I am asked and how patronising it sounds to a pregnant lady. Asking, are you all set up, is fine, questioning me when I say yes, Is grounds for me to punch you. Why ask if you didn’t want to hear the answer.

Oh and the funniest and most perplexing part. My step mum keeps telling me she has bought me sheep toys but has to hide them from my dad or he will find out the gender (he doesn’t want to know). I have pointed out several times how dumb this is, in what way are sheep a boy thing. Her answer is always, oh but you wouldn’t buy a sheep for a girl, or girls don’t play with sheep! Ah, why the hell not?!?! This confuses me, it really does. And I am yet to find someone that understands her logic either.

I also have a cold, and being pregnant I cant take meds for it so I have been wallowing in tea for the last few days and coughing so much my back muscles are soooo sore.


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