Maternity leave

I touched a little on this in my last post but the thought has hit me of whatthehellamigoingtodowith6weeksleave. Most of the things people have told me are for after bub is born. But for those 6weeks before then im going to be large, uncomfortable and bored out of my skull. People say to just relax and enjoy the free time before bub. So in other words you want me to sit on my ass and watch TV for 6weeks?? I dont really think they have thought that plan through. Most people would go crazy with boredom after a week.

Then they say well maybe im going on leave too early. This isnt true for several reasons, firstly i hate work with a passion so staying longer is not an option, secondly 34weeks is the latest i can legaly work for the public service, thirdly im already huge and tired and i think by 34weeks there is no way i will be up for lugging my butt into work or fitting behind a steering wheel. Other suggestions have been to organise the nursery, done, wash bubs clothes, done, clean the house, because that will take 6weeks??? Image

So here is a list of things that i have so far come up with for killing time productivley on mat leave before baby is born, hopefully it will keep me a little occupied.

  1. Clean the house (might take a day)
  2. Re organise linnen cupboard (a few hrs)
  3. Stock up on non-perishables to cut down on shopping later
  4. Think about baby proofing the house, ie things that will need to be moved or secured
  5. Pamper myself, facials, nails etc.
  6. Swimming (dependant on if my swimmers fit which is unlikley)
  7. Go for Coffee with other pregnant friends.
  8. Work out a few options for baby foods and test.
  9. Learn 10 new healthy recipes
  10. Make up snack bags for midnight feedings
  11. Wash both dogs
  12. Detail car
  13. Plant some herbs or edibles in the garden (im renting so this will be limited)
  14. Organise the spare room for when mum comes to stay
  15. Rearrange kitchen cupboards
  16. Catch up on Supernatural (im up to season 5 of 9)
  17. Make more items for my Etsy shop.
  18. Knit
  19. Pregnancy yoga
  20. Set up baby gate to keep dogs out of loungeroom

I got to 20, it was a stretch but i got there. I will see how many of these get done but at least if i get bored i have a list planned out. Anyone else got a suggestion?


One thought on “Maternity leave

  1. I’ve made a few dinners and put them in the freezer. Cooking ahead and freezing is a great thing to do. My first was always fussy at dinner time so I didn’t have the time to stand and chop veggies and prepare healthy meals. I also ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch most days just because it was easy and fast. I want to be more prepared this time with food. Also, go do things that you can’t do with a little baby like see a movie. You can also go to the dentist if you haven’t in a while.

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