Pay and kicking

I got a rude shock yesterday when i realised that the $900 half pay i thought i would be getting for the next 4months was actually $589. This is not enough to cover my bills! The issue you see was that i forgot that im on a car lease until September which deducts $300 from my pay each fn before tax. I think we have it worked out now and i have reduced a few other bills to compensate. Makes me really thankful that i am already done on the whole shopping front. So all those people who are waiting until the last minute to shop for bub, just remember that your circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. Also bummed that we wont meet the new threshold for Abbots proposed payment scheme that would have seen me get full pay for 24 weeks rather than minimum wage for 18. Oh well. I cant really complain about free money.

This last week has also seen some serious movement from bub. I believe that on Sunday he turned a little so is now sitting on the right rather than the left and i feel him bumping around in there all the time rather than just the odd tickle. BD also felt his first kick. He felt a few but i think he didnt realise what he was feeling so didnt think it was bub. We have our birthing class next weekend which i think will be really good for him because i dont think he is as well read about the birthing process as i am. I think he thinks i push and out comes baby. He hasnt realised that there is the whole placenta, tearing, drugs, cervix dialation, foreceps thing to deal with too 🙂 At this point im still assuming ill go into labour around the 38 week mark as there is some descrpancy over my due date. LMP is 4th July where as scans put me at 13th. So the 38week mark will put me nearly on 40weeks if you go from LMP but also that most babies are born around 39weeks anyway. Will have to wait and see if im right! 



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