Body image

I am honestly shocked at how many women are thinking about how much they dislike their bodies. No matter who I speak to they have something negative to say. Not a single one says, this is how I am, and I love it. How sad is that?? Sure I would love to lose 50kg but im happy with how I look. I don’t think people walk around saying, wow look at that woman’s lunch lady arms. Or wow that woman has really bad arm hair…I mean honestly we have better things to be doing. My belly dancing teacher once said, if you are close enough to see it, you are way too close. And this stands for a lot of things in life. Sure if you look hard at each part of your body you will find faults. But strangers don’t do this, your partner doesn’t do this. They look at the whole package. There is nothing more unattractive to me than lack of confidence. My boyfriends were always hesitant to take their shirts off the first time, until they realised that I find them sexy, all of them, or frankly I wouldn’t be with them! And its the same with women. A man isn’t going to dump you because your arms are soft…and if he does then what the hell were you doing with someone so shallow in the first place! So I beg you all. Stop focussing on your bodies and be happy that you are alive and able to live your life to the fullest. There are so many more important things in life than having a toned butt! Some sexy bodies.

All images from love your curves and squishy bits ladies!


Now what? Week 33 – 7 weeks to go

I made the decision to go on maternity leave a week early. Not because I hate work, which I do, but because I was having so many doctors appointments that it was getting silly to keep getting med certs when I could just finish up a week early. As I was leaving my colleague asked who was taking over my job, I said I had no idea, she got grumpy and complained that I should have given more notice because now she was going to have to do it. I would like to point out that not only has my leave been approved since JANUARY but that I covered for her for three weeks last month when she had to go overseas for a family emergency. Its not my issue that no one got off their butt to actually address the issue of who would be doing my job, I handed over as much of it as I could think of in the last few weeks. From there its up to management to deal with it. So now im officially off until April 2015! I say officially because im planning on having a new better job by then so I can quit this one.

But now I have the question of, what now? I have 7weeks until my due date. Assuming I make it that far that’s a fair amount of spare time! I will be cleaning the house of course so its organised and I don’t have to worry about doing it with bub in one arm. But the rest of the time? In the past when I have been on leave I love to bake. This time I have Gestational Diabetes so no baking for me. Its leaving me out on a limb! There is only so much online shopping I can do before it gets expensive! This will be my first full week off plus my first week in the last month with no doctors appointments, maybe. My fasting levels are still high so I have to ring the clinic tomorrow. Fingers crossed no Insulin needed! I have foxtel but have watched all the shows im interested in. Any recommendations, I like the cooking, gardening and home design type ones.

One thing that has sparked my interest in the last few days is that im actually a published author and the writing bug has bitten again. I have started a new book which I hope to work on while on leave. It was actually a career I thought would be great for when I had kids as I could work from home. I haven’t hit the big money yet and only make about $50 a quarter, no, authors don’t make a lot of money lol Until I hit the best seller list most authors need a day job. But it will get me through my mat leave I hope with some sanity. I ordered 3 books from Booktopia too which should be here next week or the week after. If you haven’t been on there yet, its about 30% off retail price so very worth it.

Oh and I cant remember If I posted but I had a growth scan at 32 weeks and bub is measuring perfect to dates. Here is his cute squishy face and a hand. My sister needed some explaining to see this is a baby and not a smudge. Can you see it? I was pretty excited that he actually looks like a baby now and not a blob ūüôā His hand is top left, nose and lips above that near the middle¬†and forehead in the middle right.Image



Food and returns

Being a temporary diabetic i have realised how bad white bread and pasta is for us. I eat white bread and my levels go off the charts. No wonder kids are so hyperactive these days with all the processed stuff they are eating. I know some schools wont allow kids to bring prepackaged foods to school. Home cooked only. Seems a little extreme but then again with the rate ADHD is being diagnosed its not suprising. Contrary to some peoples belief having panadol or an epidural when your pregnant does not cause ADHD. Usually its just an intollerance to processed foods and the chemicles contained in them. A blog i read Innerpickle has a little boy who goes totally hyper from some addatives which are even in rice crackers! So all of this has me back on the home made bandwagon even if it does take longer and sometimes cost more. I got a food dehydrator for my birthday which i made dried tomatoes in over the weekend (took 3 days not 6hrs like the instructions said) and will preserve them in oil for sauces etc. A friend asked if i was too cheap to just buy them. I think he would change his tune if he realised it actually costs more to do it yourself. But at least this way i know whats in there, tomatoes, and oil! No preservative 857, no collorant 343. Even bread is packed with extras. Bread should have flour, yeast, salt and water. Thats it. Yet the list of ingregients is nearly 20 items long. Many with just numbers, is it even food?? The blog i mentioned above also calls for not hiding vegies in foods. If you hide it the kids wont know they are eating it so when they get older wont realise how great vegies are and will most likley over eat the wrong foods. Even if it takes them 2yrs to finally pick up a carrot voluntarily at least they know they are eating a carrot. So on my shopping list will now be wholemeal flour and alot more baking will be done at my house!

The other thing that struck me today was how the return mentality has struck us. When did it become acceptible to give someone a gift with the reciept so they could return it if they didnt like it…its a gift folks. Why take the time chosing it if you know they will just return it. Why not just give them money??? Alot of the ladies in my baby group are buying clothes, keeping the tags on them and keeping the reciept incase they need to swap them for another size. Now i grew up with the knowledge that once you buy something, its yours. Unless its faulty or damaged, you buy it, you have to keep it. Now though it seems to be every day that my work colleagues are returning this or that because they changed their mind or got the wrong thing. A colleague recently tried to return a $1 packet of hair ties becuase she got the wrong type…How about taking the time to not buy things before you have thought about it!Take some responsibility and admit that once you buy it, there are no take backs.


My next project. Making my own butter! Easy, basically whip cream until it seporates then kneed out the excess moisture and add salt. Remind me why we buy it?? Image from: Innerpickle Butter DSC_0008

What do stay at home mums do all day?

I read a funny article yesterday from an irritated single person who thought her mother friend was just pretending to be busy so she didnt have to talk to her. Because she cooked and cleaned and worked and still had time for her friends and surley doing that was no different to being a stay at home mum. So let me clear this up.

Yes, those things dont take alot of time, cleaning and cooking etc. Its not that which saps mum. Its the child in the equation. I think that single people assume you just feed a child, then put it down for a nap and vola you have 2 hrs free. Yeah no. The act of feeding can take an hour or more than you have to clean the child, the floor and possibly walls. Nap time comes and rather than just laying little Jimmy down and walking away you actually have to get said child to sleep. This can take 20mins, or 2hrs. then that magical 2hr nap in which your single friend wants you to call her so that you can chat, its more like 20mins and in that time you have to get ready for the child to get back up and organise more food and some sort of activity not to mention it may be the only time in the day that there is quiet in the house and you really dont want to spend it with someone else yapping in your ear because you havent showered in 2days and this may be your only chance.

Even when the child is awake its not like a dog where they will just amuse themselves. You cant just put them down and go do your own thing for a few hours. You have to not only watch them incase they swallow something, touch something or fall off something but i guarantee that they wont sit quietly and play. No, they will want you to play with them, you need to actually provide amusement in the form of talking teddies, counting, painting, and these activities will need to change every 5mins when the child gets bored of them. And all of this doesnt end at night like when you get home from work, most children will not sleep through the night so expect to be up every few hours attending to the child for 30mins or 2hrs at a time. Then somewhere in all of this you need to feed yourself which if you dont want to be the size of a house will involve cooking which will take twice as long because one hand is holding a screaming baby/ a toddler is clinging to your leg demanding attention. Then there is the pile of laundry which will never go down because children dont just get dressed in the morning then thats it for the day. They will get food, paint, vomit, poo and wee all over themselves which needs 3-4 changes in a day which means at least a full load of laundry each day that needs to be washed, dried, folded and put away with one hand because of said baby which screams if you put them down. Then there are the nappy changes. These will happen 10 times a day for a newborn and about 7 times for smaller children. Each change takes about 5-10mins depending on what went into the nappy and how willing the child is to lay still. At some point during all of this you will need to do grocery shopping with one hand, because of said baby/toddler as well as any other errands you need to do which will all take twice as long because you have to pack a nappy bag and get the child in and out of their seat and get the pram out of the boot with one hand then arrange the child and nappy bag and your handbag then realise that they need a nappy change and 30mins into your trip they need feeding again.

Compare this to you working all day, getting home and spending 20mins cooking then eating dinner and another 10mins washing up then maybe twice a week chucking on a load of laundry before going to bed at 10pm and having a nice 8hr sleep before you get up for the gym in the morning. Not really comparing is it?  

Now, you still think stay at home mums do nothing all day??

Week 31 – 9 to go

I get suprised some times at people who dont realise im pregnant. Strangers have commented that im big enough to be having triplets but i just commented that im going on leave to a colleague, she said for a holiday? She was shocked when i said it was maternity leave. I mean honestly, i have grown 3 dress sizes!

This was also my first week testing my blood sugar levels. The first few days all came back normal but the stab i just did came back high. Im quite suprised at what makes it high and what doesnt. A big roast lunch, normal, a small pumpkin soup and multi grain slice of bread, high. Im assuming i need protien to keep it level? Its a learning curve for sure.

I have also decided that with all my medical appointments latley there is no sense staying at work for the next two weeks and i may as well leave early (im devistated…not!) So as soon as my manager gets back tomorrow im taking the last week of May off which means from today i only have 3 working days left!!! It will be so much easier to manage everything without work in the mix.

I also realised i have less than 8 weeks until bub is born! Less if my scan on Friday makes me a candadate to be induced which im sure it will. Getting real now! Also realised i havent shared and pics! First is me demonstrating how my bump dropped last week. Second is the nursery, it now has a rug but i took this before i got it. ImageImage

Week 30 – 10 to go

Its been a very eventful week and not for a good reason. Firstly had my 30 week check up and found out that my GD result was actually positive but they neglected to tell me which means I have had diabetes for 3 weeks and haven’t been controlling it. They booked me in for the GTT (glucose tolerance test) straight away but my initial reading was so high after fasting that there was no need for the test. I have an information night tomorrow to get my blood sugar reader and diet plan.

Today however I had an OB app and was measuring 37 weeks! That’s full term which means that I can go into labour at any time in theory. She also told me that if my diabetes cant be controlled with diet in the next few weeks I have to go on insulin which means I have to go to the other hospital which is better equipped for bub but 30mins further from home and which I have never seen the ward.

All of this makes me really annoyed because if they had given me the results 4weeks ago when they got them then I could have been on a diet and bub wouldn’t have gotten so big. I now have to see the OB weekly and I have a growth ultrasound booked for next Friday. Even if bub isn’t as big as they think he will still be big which means I have a very high chance of not only going into labour early but of being induced or even having to have a c-sec which I don’t want. So it looks like I have a lot less time until bub is here than I thought. I think maybe 38 weeks at the most no matter what the outcome.

Also means that my initial birth plan is out the window. If they induce me I think I will need an epi as I have heard its a lot more painful and bub will be pretty big so I have a higher chance of tearing. The other outcome is a c-sec which means major surgery and for someone like me who has never been in surgery, or even had painkillers! Its a major deal and several weeks of recovery. Bub will almost definitely be in the NICU because of the diabetes and being born early. Not ideal but I will try and take the best combination of keeping bub in there to cook longer and also not getting so big that I am in danger. My ideal range is 35-38 weeks. In my mind that’s the best chance I have of a good balance.

Things that I now need to do.

  • I am finalising the nursery and getting everything sorted and ready to go.
  • I will be drinking raspberry leaf tea to get my body ready in case I go early.
  • I will let work know that I may not make it to my mat leave date at 34 weeks, so will be working day to day and ensuring things are finalised at the end of each day.
  • I will install the car seat.
  • Then I will move onto the rest of the house: Making frozen meals, organising the spare room for mums visit, generally making the house comfortable so I don’t have to worry about anything except bub.

In a better moment this week our twins mummy (from the facebook group) had her two beautiful girls. Born at 31weeks with steroids they are doing well and are both off ventilators and breathing by themselves ūüôā