Week 31 – 9 to go

I get suprised some times at people who dont realise im pregnant. Strangers have commented that im big enough to be having triplets but i just commented that im going on leave to a colleague, she said for a holiday? She was shocked when i said it was maternity leave. I mean honestly, i have grown 3 dress sizes!

This was also my first week testing my blood sugar levels. The first few days all came back normal but the stab i just did came back high. Im quite suprised at what makes it high and what doesnt. A big roast lunch, normal, a small pumpkin soup and multi grain slice of bread, high. Im assuming i need protien to keep it level? Its a learning curve for sure.

I have also decided that with all my medical appointments latley there is no sense staying at work for the next two weeks and i may as well leave early (im devistated…not!) So as soon as my manager gets back tomorrow im taking the last week of May off which means from today i only have 3 working days left!!! It will be so much easier to manage everything without work in the mix.

I also realised i have less than 8 weeks until bub is born! Less if my scan on Friday makes me a candadate to be induced which im sure it will. Getting real now! Also realised i havent shared and pics! First is me demonstrating how my bump dropped last week. Second is the nursery, it now has a rug but i took this before i got it. ImageImage


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