Food and returns

Being a temporary diabetic i have realised how bad white bread and pasta is for us. I eat white bread and my levels go off the charts. No wonder kids are so hyperactive these days with all the processed stuff they are eating. I know some schools wont allow kids to bring prepackaged foods to school. Home cooked only. Seems a little extreme but then again with the rate ADHD is being diagnosed its not suprising. Contrary to some peoples belief having panadol or an epidural when your pregnant does not cause ADHD. Usually its just an intollerance to processed foods and the chemicles contained in them. A blog i read Innerpickle has a little boy who goes totally hyper from some addatives which are even in rice crackers! So all of this has me back on the home made bandwagon even if it does take longer and sometimes cost more. I got a food dehydrator for my birthday which i made dried tomatoes in over the weekend (took 3 days not 6hrs like the instructions said) and will preserve them in oil for sauces etc. A friend asked if i was too cheap to just buy them. I think he would change his tune if he realised it actually costs more to do it yourself. But at least this way i know whats in there, tomatoes, and oil! No preservative 857, no collorant 343. Even bread is packed with extras. Bread should have flour, yeast, salt and water. Thats it. Yet the list of ingregients is nearly 20 items long. Many with just numbers, is it even food?? The blog i mentioned above also calls for not hiding vegies in foods. If you hide it the kids wont know they are eating it so when they get older wont realise how great vegies are and will most likley over eat the wrong foods. Even if it takes them 2yrs to finally pick up a carrot voluntarily at least they know they are eating a carrot. So on my shopping list will now be wholemeal flour and alot more baking will be done at my house!

The other thing that struck me today was how the return mentality has struck us. When did it become acceptible to give someone a gift with the reciept so they could return it if they didnt like it…its a gift folks. Why take the time chosing it if you know they will just return it. Why not just give them money??? Alot of the ladies in my baby group are buying clothes, keeping the tags on them and keeping the reciept incase they need to swap them for another size. Now i grew up with the knowledge that once you buy something, its yours. Unless its faulty or damaged, you buy it, you have to keep it. Now though it seems to be every day that my work colleagues are returning this or that because they changed their mind or got the wrong thing. A colleague recently tried to return a $1 packet of hair ties becuase she got the wrong type…How about taking the time to not buy things before you have thought about it!Take some responsibility and admit that once you buy it, there are no take backs.


My next project. Making my own butter! Easy, basically whip cream until it seporates then kneed out the excess moisture and add salt. Remind me why we buy it?? Image from: Innerpickle Butter DSC_0008


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