I’m the main chef in my house. Although BD can cook really well he is rather, lets say, unmotivated and it tends to get to 10pm and we decide to have McDonalds just so that we can eat. Frankly I don’t like cooking every night though so with a new baby coming I decided to try and get more organised and utilise more pre made meals. I figure this is healthier than supermarket frozen meals but just as quick. I started with frozen cookie dough which I don’t have a pic of. Its just your fave cookie recipe, rolled into cookie size balls but rather than putting them straight into the oven you freeze for 10 mins on a tray than transfer them to freezer bags. The initial freezing is so that they don’t stick together when they go in the bag. I froze them 12 to a bag. To cook just pull out how many you want, defrost for about an hour and put straight onto a tray and into the oven. The dough supposedly lasts about a month but I stick to my mothers principle in that once its frozen it lasts indefinitely. Regardless I put the date on the bags.

Today I bought some disposable foil trays with cardboard lids and whipped up two lasagne. I haven’t done this before so this is my test meal. If it works ill be adding tuna bake and tater tot casserole to my freezer. I normally have a jar of cheese sauce too but they must have been out last time I went shopping so I made a simple rue with cheese (butter, flour and milk). Tastes better but takes longer 🙂





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