Stretch marks

Took an arty pic of the belly today.

ImageAs you can see I have more than my fair share of stretch marks. They wrap the whole way around and are creaping up to my boobs. Being a girl who got her first stretch marks at age 10 I know a thing or two about them. Im not a doctor or scientist but I want to put a few rumours to rest about them.

Firstly what are they?

Your skin regenerates every day but slowly. Stretch marks happen when your body grows quickly in a short space of time and doesn’t give your skin enough time to create enough skin cells to keep up. The skin you already have is forced to split to accommodate. Kind of like over inflating a balloon, you get those stress marks where the rubber fails. But also like a balloon once its split it cant return to its normal state. This is where a lot of the rumours can be put to rest.

Bio/ coconut oils.

These oils are applied to the skin in an effort to keep it supple. Its about as effective as having a shower. It will keep your skin soft and alleviate the itchiness that can come with the marks but it wont stop them or make them disappear, oils aren’t skin cells. Even if you read the bio oil bottle it says can reduce the appearance in as little as 3months of constant use. In 3 months your body has already started repairing the area like a scar so the fact that you have to use this product for min 3 months tells me that it doesn’t actually do anything.

Vitamin E.

Yes this is shown to improve skin suppleness but honestly like any vitamin you would have to take it for about 6months to a year before it will make any difference to your skin. It will only affect the new cells, not what is already there. So if you take it daily for a year you may avoid getting them, it will however not heal what you already have.


I cant fathom how this would help. How is getting rid of old skin going to help the new skin stretch more?? You cant rub off a scar, so you cant rub off a stretch mark.


The thing to remember with stretchmarks is that they are essentially small wounds and will eventually scar. I find this takes about 6months before they fade to white. About 2years before they flatten and turn silver and essentially fade to the most they ever will. My oldest are on my thighs and I cant see them anymore unless I am super super close and know to look. I got them about 15yrs ago. In order to not get them in the first place it all comes down to skin type. Same as flexibility. You either have stretchy skin or you don’t. This will also fade as you get older, like getting wrinkles, your skin just stops being able to stretch so much and will be thinner. Simple science with that one im afraid. So if you get stretch marks, don’t see it as a bad thing. Its part of your body growing and frankly if someone is close enough to see them, they are looking way too close! 




2 thoughts on “Stretch marks

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing your story, i recently read an article about Bio Oil and how stretch marks were treatable and I am happy to confirm this reading your post (in case you want to read it, here it is

    And to add to your recommendations, keeping hydrate will also help us avoid stretch marks :), yeap simple H20.

    Thanks again for the post and the great tips!

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