The statistics

Can you tell the theme of the next two weeks. When will bub arrive!? I have been googling, I know a dangerous habit, the different factors for going over or under your due date. ImageSo far it looks like despite people saying most first time mums go over their due date, that’s actually not right. Its more that second and third time mums are less likely to go over. Does that make sense? FTM are 64% likely to deliver on or before their DD.  Only 36% go over and only statistically by one week. From what I can see the majority of babies are born between 39-40 weeks. So according to this I have about a week to wait…BUT as I have said before I have two due dates. My last menstrual period (LMP) date is 4th July. Which makes me more likely to have bub this week. The reason they changed it to the 13th was that my first ultrasound put it back a week and a half. Im not convinced its accurate as I would have gotten a positive home pregnancy result way before the box says its possible. My MW said that they usually go by the LMP but as I had already applied for leave from work based on the 13th (Didn’t see the MW until 12weeks) she would record that as my official DD. Having said that when I went for my last ultrasound two weeks ago I couldn’t help but notice it said that I was measuring 37+5weeks when I was actually 36+3.

I also looked up if GD makes for earlier deliveries. Apparently no, but there does seem to be a high rate of doctors recommending induction for GD patients around 37-38weeks. I don’t want to be induced as I am not a fan of needles and drugs or gods forbid a C-section.  Apparently having GD also doubles your chances of getting pre-eclampsia. I hadn’t heard that, its amazing how different doctors tell us different things. A heap of other women were also told that GD causes babies lungs to be under developed, which the rest of us weren’t told…I always take things I find on the internet with a grain of salt but apparently when the other women in the BabyCenter group asked their doctors about the lung thing they confirmed it. Maybe they only mention it on a need to know basis?

In other news. I bought a second hand baby sling for $15 yesterday because we aren’t using a capsule and the pram still hasn’t arrived, so its a bit of a plan B. I have heard they aren’t the best and its about 50/50 those who like them but I needed something! We also got a heater for the nursery but after testing it last night the room only got to 16deg with it closed off and the heater on high for a few hours. That’s not going to be warm enough. Its a small room and the heater is a 5 bar oil heater which I have used in the past and its been really effective. So im testing it again today with the curtains closed. Im hoping I can get it up to at least 20deg. I can always warmly dress bub and it will only really be an issue at night when the main heater is off (its at the other end of the house so no point running it all night).



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