Weeks 1 and 2

My time at the hospital was such a great experience. I want to give a big shout out to the staff at Calvary in Canberra because they were awesome. For the first 2 days I was bed bound, I could hardly move to even sit up and relied on the nurses to do everything for me. I still had my catheter in so there was no need to worry about peeing. They kept up my pain meds and changed my pads for me and gave me icepacks. Apparently the swelling was quite bad as a few nurses commented on it and they see it everyday! On day three they let me up for a shower, two nurses got me up and made sure I didn’t pass out. Then I was aloud to walk to and from the bathroom but had to use a wheel chair to get to the nursery where bub still was.

Bub was a little trooper and got his feeding tube out on day three. The nursery staff hooked me up with a breast pump while we were in the hospital. I was discharged on day 4 and bub and I went home day 5. My partner was incredible and helped out so much for the first few days at home with night feeds and holding bub. I was very tender and couldn’t really move much. I kept up with the pain meds until day 10 when it was no longer needed. I could pee without pain and sit with only a pressure rather than pain. My stitches should fall out on their own any day now. I am still on iron tablets and have to take a laxative because the iron makes me really backed up which creates a lot of pressure on my still tender bits.


Our little man is doing great. He has reflux which we are managing with Infants Friend. Basically I give him 5 drops most feeds and it helps him pass gas. He has started cluster feeding which means instead of taking 90ml bottles every 4hrs he takes 60ml every 2-3hrs or when ever he wakes up. He has also started staying awake longer so will generally feed, stay awake then feed again to get to sleep. He currently only sleeps in his bouncer which has to be stationary, he hates it rocking or vibrating. He thankfully doesn’t mind noise either unless its sudden like the dogs barking.

I am also reporting for fact only that I am down to less than my pre pregnancy weight. I was 108kg when I fell pregnant, I got to 119kg during my pregnancy and when I weighed myself more for curiosity’s sake last week I was at 107kg. I guess It was all baby weight after all 🙂 I still have a jelly belly which I can tighten up in a few months but for now im happy where I am.


Labour delivery and Rueben James

My little boy arrived 16//2014 at 12:38am. He weighed 3.5kg and was 49cm long. Perfection.

Things didn’t go according to plan but we are both here safe so im one happy mumma. I will try tell you as much as I can so there are some gross bits in here.


On my due date, Sunday 13th I went into the hospital for a check up. Because of my GD I knew induction was on the cards for this week. However when I went in my blood pressure was slightly up and they thought it could be late onset pre eclampsia. In addition to GD which increases the chances of a still birth after 41 weeks they decided to admit me then and there and get things moving. That night they inserted Certivil which is like a bandaid of fabric they stick on your cervix and its got a little string to remove it. Its meant to stay in for 12hrs but the next morning it fell out when I went to the loo. They did an internal exam and found that I was only 1-2cm dilated so no change. They decided that rather than breaking my waters that morning as planned they would wait and see if I dilated more during the day. I didn’t, but my cervix did thin a little more so they tried that certivil again that night. Again it fell out that morning but it had done enough that they decided to break my waters on the 15th.


I was moved to the delivery ward at 8am and in the company of the doctor, his student, the midwife, her student and my own student midwife Cathy (small audience hey) and of course BD they inserted a long crochet hook and broke my waters. It was a horrid feeling lol Not painful, I didn’t even feel it, but the feeling of your waters coming out was like you are peeing yourself, like a lot! It was hot and just kept coming. Every time I moved more came out and there was nothing I could do to stop it. They then stuck a wire to bubs head to track his heartbeat. This hung out of my who ha and was attached to a monitor strapped to my thigh. As you can imagine this some what inhibited movement. I also had a contraction monitor on the top of my tummy which constantly moved so kept losing track of my contractions. Then we come to my cannula. I have terrible veins. One nurse tried to take some blood when I first got there and couldn’t get a line in. So they called the doctor and he managed to get one in but it was not ideal. They then stuffed up my bloods and tried to get another line in and I almost passed out from the pain (she tried the back of my hand). So they gave up for the time being and told me to just be careful not to dislodge the one I had in. So this line was used to give me fluid and the hormone to make me go into labour. Oxytocin and something. Symbicord?

The idea was that my contractions needed to get to 1min long 2min apart. I tracked them on an ap I had on my phone and when they got to 40sec long and 2.45sec apart I was struggling to maintain my calm. I of course couldn’t wear pants over all the cords so I was just laying there with my bits out. I had to use the loo at one point and walking across the room, leaking amniotic waters, dragging my trolley with my fluids and hormones and walking around the cord hanging out of my vag was an experience. When I got out I tried the fit ball with a Kylie on it. (A kylie is a large mat used for absorbing body fluids. They are a god send! Kind of like a fabric puppy training pad). It helped a little then they did another internal check and I was only 4cm dialated. It had been 3hrs. I moved to the bed and bent over the back. This was super hard on my knees so I had to get down. At the 5hr mark they changed my sensors to wireless ones so that I could have a shower. At this stage the contractions were getting to the point where I was struggling to maintain my breathing pattern and I could feel myself start to panic. I called for the Epi. Unfortunately the anethiest was in surgery and would be another 40mins. I called for morphine. It didn’t do anything! They offered gas. A word on gas, I think it was more effective to bite down on the mouth piece then any effect the gas had, the gas just made me feel super drunk between contractions.

They then noticed that bubs heart beat was dipping too low on contractions. The epi arrived and I was confined to the bed but thankfully comfortable. The epi didn’t hurt at all. The hardest part was trying to get it between contractions. They turned down the hormones and bubs heartbeat came back up. I tried to get some sleep but it was hard with all those wires and because of the epi I now also had a catheter (pee bag). Around 11pm I started finding that I was getting a tightness in my lower back on one side that the epi wasn’t numbing. I let the midwife know and she said that this might be a sign that bub was ready to come out. The feeling got more intense and I realised I was feeling contractions in that area. They built fast and the doctor did an internal and told me it was time to push.

They had to get things ready so I wasn’t aloud to push for another half an hour or so. By this time the contractions in my back were incredible painful and frequent and I could barley get a breath between. I had to let the epi ware off as much as I could so that I could feel when to push. My right leg was completely numb though as it seemed to work better in one area. They told me to push. I pushed once long and hard. Then things got a little rushed and I only found out later what had happened as I was so focused on trying to get through each contraction that I couldn’t keep track of what was happening. It turns out that when I pushed bubs heart rate dipped dangerously low. The midwife did her calm thing and rushed to get the doctor without seeming like she was worried. Doctor came in and Cathy (student midwife) pushed me onto my side (easier for bub to get blood) put my feet up in the stryups. BD had to hold my right leg in as it was completely numb still. The doctor reached in and turned bub who was posterior, so his back was along my back which is intensly painful for me and the hardest position to get him out. I was thankfully completely numb down there still so only found out she was doing this later. Contractions were every few seconds so I had no time to wonder what they were doing. She inserted foreceps and on the next contraction pulled bub out.

He was placed on my chest and my and Cathy worked to get him clean with towels. I registered that the room was really crowded at this point. The doctor stitched me up and I asked if I had torn and she said yes but it was internal and only small. Another woman (no idea who) pushed down on my stomach, something to do with my placenta I assume. As things started dieing down a woman (who I later learnt was the paediatrician) came in and did a brief look over of bub then gave him back. At this stage I noticed BD was at one side of the room looking rather shocked. I told him he could leave if he needed too. He told me later that there were so many people that he couldn’t get near me and unfortunately had been close enough to see what had happened down below. Once things died down the midwife came in and asked me if I knew what had happened. Apparently I had hemeraged (why BD was so pale was that he had seen it) and I had lost 1.3ltres of blood. Its normal to lose 500ml. They were concerned that I may need a transfusion but for now would leave us with bub. BD was great during the whole process. He did exactly what I asked, was right there with water and pushing the fit ball under me between contractions. Super man. He let me know at this point that he was feeling tightness in his chest and I told him to go get some air. He came back 20mins later and felt much better thank goodness. Neither of us had eaten since 8am the previous morning so I sent him home for sleep and food. Cathy was also sent home by the midwife as their rule is no ‘staff’ can work more than 10hrs and she had been there the whole time, 15hrs all up.

The midwife came in to check bub over at about 2am and told me that they could move me as soon as they found a room. I was a public patient so should have a shared room but they were trying to get me my own room. The doctor came back in around 5am and managed to get another canula in after 5 trys! We then discovered that I had dislodged my other one during labour and it was pumping fluids under my skin not into a vein. It came out and my other one was used instead. The midwife told me that bubs blood sugar was low 2.1, and that he was cold so would have to go to the nursery. They moved us both at 5:30am and monitored my blood pressure every 30mins. My hemoglovan (no idea how to spell that) level was low but they didn’t think I would need a transfusion which was good. I was bed bound for the whole day and the next. On the third day I got my pee bag off and was aloud up to the shower but had to use a wheel chair to go see bub.

Bub wasn’t feeding well so had to get a feeding tube in his nose. Other than that he was 100% healthy. We worked with the nursery and got him feeding well. On the 4th morning I was discharged but given the nurserys ‘rooming in’ room which was next to the nursery and had a bed so bub could spend the night before he was released the next day.

I will update on the first week of his life another time 🙂

40 weeks!

Well 40 weeks tomorrow. Its a full moon tonight and we know that makes babies appear lol

In the interest of full disclosure you may want to stop eating right now. You stopped? Ok. So Thursday I had a stretch and sweep, where the ob puts a finger in your cervix and sweeps it around to separate the membraines. This is meant to encourage the hormones that bring on labour. I had heard it was super painful but it didn’t even hurt a little, just felt like, well, someone had their finger in my lady bits lol She said that’s a good sign that labour wont be too bad as some women flinch as soon as you touch their cervix. She said that I was about 1cm dialated and my cervix was still long but was forward, and she could feel bubs head! I had some spotting that afternoon and some light cramps.

Then yesterday, Friday, I was having more cramps around my lady bits, hips and a few on the sides but nothing that could be considered a contraction. Last night I noticed a lot more discharge than this morning I lost my plug. It was grose haha The best I can describe it was that it looked like two long yellow snots streaked with a little red. And it was sticky, I had to pull it out. Ew! But that does mean I think that im further dilated and that bubs head is pushing down.

I also discovered that im 4/5 engaged, well bub is. He needs to get to 5/5 to go into labour so its close. If I haven’t had him by tomorrow im booked in at 2pm for another sweep and to discuss induction. Because I have GD they wont let me go over 41 weeks so they would induce me next week.

BD has from Monday off work so I hope I have him this weekend so that BD doesn’t waste his leave. Apparently my hospital keeps new mums in for a bit longer than other hospitals and will release me on the third morning after having bub. Bit longer than I had hoped but I guess if I tare I will be thankful.

My next post will be about my bub. Wooo exciting!

They are just showing they care

Im sure everyone who has children dreads those final few weeks. Not because of the event coming up, but because of the constant phone calls berating us wanting to know how we are. Its getting out of hand. How long can you ignore a call before it becomes rude? How many times can you tell them that you will obviously tell them if something happens.

Getting annoyed at my lack of information when you insist on calling daily is not okay. If I have news I WILL TELL YOU. Otherwise if you call I will say, im fine, and I don’t appreciate being told off for that. As an example my dad rung on Monday to check in on me. Then he called again today, and his wife called an hour later to ask the same question. So no, I didn’t answer the phone for either of them. I have nothing to say, I haven’t done anything, nothing has happened in the last 3 days! Last week he called on Thursday then when we were saying bye he said he would call back the next day…what, to hear about what time I went to bed??? Come on. Be realistic people. Once a week is all im giving you. And if I tell you I will call after my doc appointment on Thursday, don’t call Wednesday night and expect news. I have just sent him a stern message asking him to stop calling. It might sound harsh but its getting ridiculous.

But its not just him. This week alone I have had calls from my mum, sister, boss, two from dad and one from his wife. And people wonder why we start to snap. I know its exciting but the only news I can give you is that I had the baby, and I will obviously tell you when that happens so there is no need to check in daily.

So if there is someone in your life who is pregnant. Do them a favour, restrict checking in to once a month, or ask them to keep you updated, let them set the schedule. I promise they will call if something happens.