They are just showing they care

Im sure everyone who has children dreads those final few weeks. Not because of the event coming up, but because of the constant phone calls berating us wanting to know how we are. Its getting out of hand. How long can you ignore a call before it becomes rude? How many times can you tell them that you will obviously tell them if something happens.

Getting annoyed at my lack of information when you insist on calling daily is not okay. If I have news I WILL TELL YOU. Otherwise if you call I will say, im fine, and I don’t appreciate being told off for that. As an example my dad rung on Monday to check in on me. Then he called again today, and his wife called an hour later to ask the same question. So no, I didn’t answer the phone for either of them. I have nothing to say, I haven’t done anything, nothing has happened in the last 3 days! Last week he called on Thursday then when we were saying bye he said he would call back the next day…what, to hear about what time I went to bed??? Come on. Be realistic people. Once a week is all im giving you. And if I tell you I will call after my doc appointment on Thursday, don’t call Wednesday night and expect news. I have just sent him a stern message asking him to stop calling. It might sound harsh but its getting ridiculous.

But its not just him. This week alone I have had calls from my mum, sister, boss, two from dad and one from his wife. And people wonder why we start to snap. I know its exciting but the only news I can give you is that I had the baby, and I will obviously tell you when that happens so there is no need to check in daily.

So if there is someone in your life who is pregnant. Do them a favour, restrict checking in to once a month, or ask them to keep you updated, let them set the schedule. I promise they will call if something happens.


One thought on “They are just showing they care

  1. Amen! It’s funny how once pregnant women can be the biggest offenders- you’d think they would remember what it was like. WE want some news ourselves – and once we have it we’ll be excited to share, until then people asking if “anything is going on” just seems rude and like they are throwing the fact that we are STILL pregnant in our faces. We have hormones people- watch out! 🙂

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