40 weeks!

Well 40 weeks tomorrow. Its a full moon tonight and we know that makes babies appear lol

In the interest of full disclosure you may want to stop eating right now. You stopped? Ok. So Thursday I had a stretch and sweep, where the ob puts a finger in your cervix and sweeps it around to separate the membraines. This is meant to encourage the hormones that bring on labour. I had heard it was super painful but it didn’t even hurt a little, just felt like, well, someone had their finger in my lady bits lol She said that’s a good sign that labour wont be too bad as some women flinch as soon as you touch their cervix. She said that I was about 1cm dialated and my cervix was still long but was forward, and she could feel bubs head! I had some spotting that afternoon and some light cramps.

Then yesterday, Friday, I was having more cramps around my lady bits, hips and a few on the sides but nothing that could be considered a contraction. Last night I noticed a lot more discharge than this morning I lost my plug. It was grose haha The best I can describe it was that it looked like two long yellow snots streaked with a little red. And it was sticky, I had to pull it out. Ew! But that does mean I think that im further dilated and that bubs head is pushing down.

I also discovered that im 4/5 engaged, well bub is. He needs to get to 5/5 to go into labour so its close. If I haven’t had him by tomorrow im booked in at 2pm for another sweep and to discuss induction. Because I have GD they wont let me go over 41 weeks so they would induce me next week.

BD has from Monday off work so I hope I have him this weekend so that BD doesn’t waste his leave. Apparently my hospital keeps new mums in for a bit longer than other hospitals and will release me on the third morning after having bub. Bit longer than I had hoped but I guess if I tare I will be thankful.

My next post will be about my bub. Wooo exciting!


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