Weeks 1 and 2

My time at the hospital was such a great experience. I want to give a big shout out to the staff at Calvary in Canberra because they were awesome. For the first 2 days I was bed bound, I could hardly move to even sit up and relied on the nurses to do everything for me. I still had my catheter in so there was no need to worry about peeing. They kept up my pain meds and changed my pads for me and gave me icepacks. Apparently the swelling was quite bad as a few nurses commented on it and they see it everyday! On day three they let me up for a shower, two nurses got me up and made sure I didn’t pass out. Then I was aloud to walk to and from the bathroom but had to use a wheel chair to get to the nursery where bub still was.

Bub was a little trooper and got his feeding tube out on day three. The nursery staff hooked me up with a breast pump while we were in the hospital. I was discharged on day 4 and bub and I went home day 5. My partner was incredible and helped out so much for the first few days at home with night feeds and holding bub. I was very tender and couldn’t really move much. I kept up with the pain meds until day 10 when it was no longer needed. I could pee without pain and sit with only a pressure rather than pain. My stitches should fall out on their own any day now. I am still on iron tablets and have to take a laxative because the iron makes me really backed up which creates a lot of pressure on my still tender bits.


Our little man is doing great. He has reflux which we are managing with Infants Friend. Basically I give him 5 drops most feeds and it helps him pass gas. He has started cluster feeding which means instead of taking 90ml bottles every 4hrs he takes 60ml every 2-3hrs or when ever he wakes up. He has also started staying awake longer so will generally feed, stay awake then feed again to get to sleep. He currently only sleeps in his bouncer which has to be stationary, he hates it rocking or vibrating. He thankfully doesn’t mind noise either unless its sudden like the dogs barking.

I am also reporting for fact only that I am down to less than my pre pregnancy weight. I was 108kg when I fell pregnant, I got to 119kg during my pregnancy and when I weighed myself more for curiosity’s sake last week I was at 107kg. I guess It was all baby weight after all đŸ™‚ I still have a jelly belly which I can tighten up in a few months but for now im happy where I am.


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