Hospital bag

I just realised I never did a follow up on what to bring to hospital post. I was admitted when I went for a check up so it was just as well I had my bags all packed and in the car. I packed expecting an over night stay not knowing that our hospital has a minimum stay of three mornings.

What I packed and what I used:

  • Maternity pads – I got libra, but they bunched and leaked. Back at home I used U pads and they were heaps better. I also recommend using as many hospital pads as possible because  bled everywhere so needed three, one at the top, one in the middle and one at the back to catch everything.
  • Trackies – a god send!
  • Phone charger! You will use it a lot so I think I charged mine twice a day. A life line to my partner who went home each night and for lunch.
  • Feeding singlet – I wore this for labour but had to throw it out later as it got blood on it because once the catheter went in I couldn’t get my top off over it. It got wet in the shower and got baby goo on it and I couldn’t take it off for a day after. My advice, wear something strapless so you can shimmy it off over your hips rather than over your head. I really should have just cut the straps off but I didn’t want to wreck it.
  • Clothes for dad – as it was an induction he had plenty of time to go home and get changed so this wasn’t needed
  • Lollies – I didn’t actually feel like them after. And I wasn’t aloud to eat during as I might have needed a c-sec
  • Heat pad – they didn’t help me and were more of an annoyance
  • Slippers – I should have brought slippers, I didn’t realise you have to wear shoes in hospital and only had my normal day shoes to wear.
  • nappies x 10 – We used the hospital ones as he was in the nursery
  • Baby outfits x 5 – he wore the hospital gown and only got dressed to go home.
  • Beanie – we brought 3 but he only wore one. I wish I had put the one I knitted on him but I forgot to bring it.
  • wraps – he was wrapped in the hospital sheets so we didn’t use them
  • Nipple cream – as I didn’t breast feed it wasn’t needed
  • I forgot to bring shampoo and conditioner or a brush. Family brought these in for me. I only washed my hair once while in there so travel size was fine.
  • Credit card – What for? Our hospital charges $10 a day for TV access, Trust me, you will want it even just for background noise.
  • a book – Loved my book for those times I got bored of TV
  • Flushable toilet wipes – didn’t need them. I hurt enough down there that it didn’t matter what I used to wipe.
  • Granny panties – as big as possible lol you need to be able to fit three pads in there.

Next time I would bring another pj top as I wore the same one the whole 5 days! I didn’t bring toiletries as I was going to pack them when I went into labour which didn’t happen. I had no use for makeup or a razor as so many girls suggested. I could hardly stand in the shower let alone shave and I had no interest in spending time on my make up. A hair tie was my friend, meant I didn’t have to brush my hair 😛 Oh and bring Panadol. I was discharged a day before we left with bub so I was cut off for pain meds. By the time I realised I needed it I could hardly walk from the pain and my partner couldn’t bring more in until that night. What will I bring next time?

  • 4 pairs granny panties
  • 2 packets U maternity pads
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Brush and hair ties
  • Old large singlet top to labour in, one that I can cut the straps to get it off.
  • two pairs trackies
  • two tops
  • Panadol
  • lip balm – hospital air is dry
  • 2 outfits for bub
  • Beanie
  • 5 nappies – I can send dad for more if needed
  • slippers
  • Phone charger!

Whats in my nappy bag

I’m always interested to know what people take with them. In the car, on holidays, in your handbag. So now that I’m a mum we are going to play, what’s in your nappy bag?


So in my bag today I have:

  1. Thermos of warm water to mix bottles
  2. formula dispenser, can make 3 bottles
  3. bottle (normally empty but I haven’t unpacked from todays outing)
  4. Face washer for feeds (instead of bib)
  5. Warm onesie in case his outfit gets dirty
  6. Blanket
  7. Muslin wrap to cover the pram if he is restless
  8. Change mat with nappies and wipes inside
  9. Spare nappy
  10. Nappy bags (attached to bag) also good for storing wet clothes
  11. I also normally have a dummy but it fell on the floor at the doctors and so its being sterilised.

These items have grown with experience. The muslin wrap I recently added because I found that if its noisy or busy Rue gets over stimulated and covering him helps block it all out. The nappy bags I added after changing him a few times in the car and not being near a bin, its not nice carrying around wet nappies in your hand…The thermos and formula dispenser were great ideas I picked up, this way I don’t need to carry full bottles which get cold and it takes up more room having three bottles in there. I also keep the thermos next to my bed with bottles with formula powder in them for night feeds. It means that bub doesn’t get as restless while I’m waiting for the water to boil, I can just mix them on the spot.

There will be a test soon though as my family wants me to go to our farm for fathers day. Its only about an hour away but im conscious that if we are there longer than planned I will need a back up plan. I’m thinking of taking the whole tin of formula with me in the car and several extra nappies. He can sleep in the pram if he gets restless.

I also had my 6week check up today. Bad news. Turns out that I have an infection which is why I still had discharge (should have stopped around 4weeks). So im on antibiotics for the next 10 days. I also went back on the pill so that when my infection is clear we can attempt practicing for baby no.2 lol I have no plans for another one until at least next year. My mum and I, and coincidentally a friend, all decided that February is a good time as then you are pregnant over winter which is good as your body heat is up when your pregnant, then have the baby in late spring before it gets too hot because getting up in the cold to feed isn’t fun. Rueben will be 1.6 yrs old when the new baby is born if we get it timed right so will hopefully be able to sleep through the night and feed himself.


Im giving a bit of a shout out today. I found the most beautiful mugs on etsy and I had to share.



Aren’t they great! I want a whole set but sadly don’t have the budget to even get one 😦 I might have to treat myself when I get paid. Maybe lol But seeing things like this always makes me think that I should be doing something fun with my life. Not sitting in an office. I have tried my hand at several things including ceramics but frankly cant see how anyone can make enough to support themselves doing it. I really don’t have anything that im passionate about either, nothing that I can do well that is original or creative. When I make things its from a pattern or I copy something I have seen online. Frankly its way more effort to make it myself than to buy the original online but I tend to have a strong, I can do that, attitude which makes me not buy things I can make myself.

I think im coming to terms with the fact that I will never run my own business. I think im more suited to being an employee of one of these fantastically creative people, something where I can make things but they take care of the business side. One day 🙂

If you want to know more about these mugs and who makes them:

Silver lining ceramics



Back when I first went on maternity leave I told BD that I would make him lunch each day. Hasn’t happened. This isn’t because I am too lazy to do it but more because he buys lunch each day, when we do have leftovers that he can take he waits until he gets home in the afternoon to eat them. But today he brought it up again so I might see about giving it a go and seeing if he actually takes it. So now I need ideas. Sandwiches are pity boring, and he doesn’t always have access to a kitchen to heat things or ‘prepare’ something. My main thought is food that can be reheated but can be eaten cold too. Fried rice? Sausage rolls? I love the idea of Bento boxes* but I might have to build up to that. Anyone have some good ideas? What do you take to eat?

*Bento boxes are a Japanese lunch box essentially, they have a range of items in them normally with rice, egg and some kind of meat and veg/ fruit. Mummas get pretty creative with them and apparently its sort of a contest when kids get to school to see what their mum has made. There are heaps of videos on Youtube on how to make them 🙂

rgwr sdseg



I am always surprised when people tell me they still hang around with the people they went to school with. The reason we got along in school was because we had common likes, we saw each other daily at school and were going through the same experiences, ie being a teenager. But once you leave school people go their separate ways, some go to school, some get apprenticeships, some move away. As time passes you will find you have less and less in common and some people cant handle this and get bitchy if they think your life is better or vice versa. This was at least my experience and that of my sister and several other people I know within a year or two of leaving school.

My best friend, we were the only two from our college group still in Canberra, one day sent me what was essentially a break up email saying that I clearly had no time for her because I was spending it all with my new boyfriend and work friends and I never invited her to things. I will point out that at this stage this was my first boyfriend (she had had several and I always made time for them) and I had been on a total of two dates with him, secondly we each had two jobs, a full time and a night, and I had been trying to arrange coffee for three months with no reply from her to the point I contacted her parents because I was worried. We were also 24yrs old! No I wasn’t going to invite her to someone elses house when I was hanging out with my work friends, they don’t know her, it would be inappropriate and im aloud to have a life outside of her. Plus she had several friends who I had never met who she often hung out with. So basically this email was completely random and demonstrated why some people shouldn’t be in my life. She finished with, if I see you in the street I will be polite but otherwise I never want to speak to you again…

An adult friend to me is someone who you see when you both have free time, you hang out for a few hours to catch up, have a coffee, then you both go back to your lives. I do actually consider a few people I went to school with friends, but these are people I have known since pre school and who I maybe see once a year and send each other a card when they have a kid or get married. We are happy for each other but let each other live their own life and don’t complain if they are busy when we want to hang out, that’s life. I bring this up because I have noticed allot of posts and comments from new mums on my discussion boards where ‘friends’ are getting annoyed that they cant go out as much, or wont talk to them because they aren’t happy in their lives and are jealous of your recent happiness in having a baby. I mean honestly? These are the kind of people where you need to step back and wonder, if they cant be happy for you then why are you still hanging around with them…My phrase of choice is ‘good luck with that’ basically, good luck being negative and blaming others that your life hasn’t gone as you planned. Drama Drama Drama.


Year book

I cant believe I didn’t think of this sooner but so glad I started the year Rueben was born. The idea came from a pinterest picture from eighteen25 blog. The idea is that rather than having all of your pictures stored on your computer you actually make a book out of them. There is some great software out there but im going with the one that eighteen25 suggested which is Blurb. Then you install their book software on your computer. Its so simple to use and comes with templates for text and images so you can arrange them how you like. Plus I have just discovered the edit layout feature which means you can pick a template then alter it however you like to suit the look you want.  I am going for the hard cover one as it will last longer. I think I will get two printed, one for me and one for Rueben as the year he was born. Apparently they are under $100 each for about 250 pages.

What am I putting in it?

  • Pictures of my family,
  • trips,
  • artwork that Rueben does,
  • pictures of things that happened.
  • I can use this blog to pull stories to put for each month.
  • Get friends and family to write letters about their year.


One month

My beautiful little boy is one month old! He is such a little trooper and takes it easy on his mummy. He sleeps so well, waking every 3 hrs at night for a feed then settling back to sleep so each feed and change takes about 30mins. He still wont sleep in his cot, preferring his bassinet and frankly as long as he is sleeping im ok with that. He has started sleeping less during the day and often has an hour or two of awake in the morning then settles down around lunch time for a bit.

I got to the mall for a few hours yesterday with a friend with a baby the same age. It was super funny to see how excited she was with her little lady. During our pregnancies she was sure she wouldn’t have another and was reluctant to shop or buy anything. But yesterday she wanted to go to all the baby shops and was just glowing and was already talking about having another. Her baby is a bit less settled then mine and I feel for her lack of sleep but babies have a way of making you ok with what ever they throw at us.

Rues first photoshoot


Mummy land

Hello from mummy land. Things are going well. Bub wakes every 3-4hrs for a feed except in the morning when he seems to enjoy being held and wakes up if I try put him back in his bouncer. But that’s ok, I can live with that. We went for our first walk today without BD. I spent 10mins wrestling with the pram, bub laying on a blanket in the boot of the car (it was open and I was next to it before you call child services), until I caved and rung BD to ask how to unfold the darn thing. Normally when we go out he pushes the pram so I had never used it before. That sorted we went for a short walk around the block. I kept the sun hood up, bub hated the sun on his face but I wanted him to get some vit D so it stayed up.

As a new mum you get a lot of advice so here are a few things I have learnt:

  • Mittens are pointless as bub likes his hands
  • socks will come off
  • Onesies with zips are so much easier than press studs
  • Its easier to just do what bub wants rather than what he “should do”
  • Let him sleep where he likes, it means you get sleep too
  • Infants friend, is a god send (a few drops helps with gas)
  • Don’t feel bad if you have to leave bub crying in his rocker so you can go pee, mummies have to pee!
  • If I had had a bigger freezer I would have made more frozen meals.
  • They tell you not to use a microwave to reheat a bottle but at 4am you can be forgiven for doing it when it takes 20sec rather than 5mins in the bottle warmer and bub is crying.
  • I’m sad I couldn’t breastfeed but its not the end of the world. Pump as much as you can, I only got 20ml a day but its good for developing bubs gut and keeping him healthy so as much as you can get is better than nothing. Note: I think my milk may be drying up now but I’m glad he got some breast milk.
  • You really should get dressed rather than sitting in your pjs all day, as tempting as it may be.
  • Its ok to say no to visitors or going out if you aren’t up for it. There will be another day, another event. People will put the guilt trip on you that they haven’t had a cuddle or haven’t seen him in ages but frankly he isn’t going anywhere and is only a few weeks old, they will get over it.
  • Make use of when your partner gets home (if you have one). Take a long shower or lay down for 30mins and leave him in charge of bub. Yes you can do these things when they aren’t home but its easier to relax when you aren’t listening for bub waking up.
  • A nurse also told me that making formula up in advance can make bub gassy so its best to only make one extra for the fridge. (I make 180ml and split between two bottles, one for now, one for later).

Also maybe you can tell me how this makes sense, I make 180ml of formula, and split between two bottles with 100ml in each…the math just aint adding up folks!