Mummy land

Hello from mummy land. Things are going well. Bub wakes every 3-4hrs for a feed except in the morning when he seems to enjoy being held and wakes up if I try put him back in his bouncer. But that’s ok, I can live with that. We went for our first walk today without BD. I spent 10mins wrestling with the pram, bub laying on a blanket in the boot of the car (it was open and I was next to it before you call child services), until I caved and rung BD to ask how to unfold the darn thing. Normally when we go out he pushes the pram so I had never used it before. That sorted we went for a short walk around the block. I kept the sun hood up, bub hated the sun on his face but I wanted him to get some vit D so it stayed up.

As a new mum you get a lot of advice so here are a few things I have learnt:

  • Mittens are pointless as bub likes his hands
  • socks will come off
  • Onesies with zips are so much easier than press studs
  • Its easier to just do what bub wants rather than what he “should do”
  • Let him sleep where he likes, it means you get sleep too
  • Infants friend, is a god send (a few drops helps with gas)
  • Don’t feel bad if you have to leave bub crying in his rocker so you can go pee, mummies have to pee!
  • If I had had a bigger freezer I would have made more frozen meals.
  • They tell you not to use a microwave to reheat a bottle but at 4am you can be forgiven for doing it when it takes 20sec rather than 5mins in the bottle warmer and bub is crying.
  • I’m sad I couldn’t breastfeed but its not the end of the world. Pump as much as you can, I only got 20ml a day but its good for developing bubs gut and keeping him healthy so as much as you can get is better than nothing. Note: I think my milk may be drying up now but I’m glad he got some breast milk.
  • You really should get dressed rather than sitting in your pjs all day, as tempting as it may be.
  • Its ok to say no to visitors or going out if you aren’t up for it. There will be another day, another event. People will put the guilt trip on you that they haven’t had a cuddle or haven’t seen him in ages but frankly he isn’t going anywhere and is only a few weeks old, they will get over it.
  • Make use of when your partner gets home (if you have one). Take a long shower or lay down for 30mins and leave him in charge of bub. Yes you can do these things when they aren’t home but its easier to relax when you aren’t listening for bub waking up.
  • A nurse also told me that making formula up in advance can make bub gassy so its best to only make one extra for the fridge. (I make 180ml and split between two bottles, one for now, one for later).

Also maybe you can tell me how this makes sense, I make 180ml of formula, and split between two bottles with 100ml in each…the math just aint adding up folks!



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