One month

My beautiful little boy is one month old! He is such a little trooper and takes it easy on his mummy. He sleeps so well, waking every 3 hrs at night for a feed then settling back to sleep so each feed and change takes about 30mins. He still wont sleep in his cot, preferring his bassinet and frankly as long as he is sleeping im ok with that. He has started sleeping less during the day and often has an hour or two of awake in the morning then settles down around lunch time for a bit.

I got to the mall for a few hours yesterday with a friend with a baby the same age. It was super funny to see how excited she was with her little lady. During our pregnancies she was sure she wouldn’t have another and was reluctant to shop or buy anything. But yesterday she wanted to go to all the baby shops and was just glowing and was already talking about having another. Her baby is a bit less settled then mine and I feel for her lack of sleep but babies have a way of making you ok with what ever they throw at us.

Rues first photoshoot



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