Year book

I cant believe I didn’t think of this sooner but so glad I started the year Rueben was born. The idea came from a pinterest picture from eighteen25 blog. The idea is that rather than having all of your pictures stored on your computer you actually make a book out of them. There is some great software out there but im going with the one that eighteen25 suggested which is Blurb. Then you install their book software on your computer. Its so simple to use and comes with templates for text and images so you can arrange them how you like. Plus I have just discovered the edit layout feature which means you can pick a template then alter it however you like to suit the look you want.  I am going for the hard cover one as it will last longer. I think I will get two printed, one for me and one for Rueben as the year he was born. Apparently they are under $100 each for about 250 pages.

What am I putting in it?

  • Pictures of my family,
  • trips,
  • artwork that Rueben does,
  • pictures of things that happened.
  • I can use this blog to pull stories to put for each month.
  • Get friends and family to write letters about their year.



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