Back when I first went on maternity leave I told BD that I would make him lunch each day. Hasn’t happened. This isn’t because I am too lazy to do it but more because he buys lunch each day, when we do have leftovers that he can take he waits until he gets home in the afternoon to eat them. But today he brought it up again so I might see about giving it a go and seeing if he actually takes it. So now I need ideas. Sandwiches are pity boring, and he doesn’t always have access to a kitchen to heat things or ‘prepare’ something. My main thought is food that can be reheated but can be eaten cold too. Fried rice? Sausage rolls? I love the idea of Bento boxes* but I might have to build up to that. Anyone have some good ideas? What do you take to eat?

*Bento boxes are a Japanese lunch box essentially, they have a range of items in them normally with rice, egg and some kind of meat and veg/ fruit. Mummas get pretty creative with them and apparently its sort of a contest when kids get to school to see what their mum has made. There are heaps of videos on Youtube on how to make them 🙂

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