Im giving a bit of a shout out today. I found the most beautiful mugs on etsy and I had to share.



Aren’t they great! I want a whole set but sadly don’t have the budget to even get one 😦 I might have to treat myself when I get paid. Maybe lol But seeing things like this always makes me think that I should be doing something fun with my life. Not sitting in an office. I have tried my hand at several things including ceramics but frankly cant see how anyone can make enough to support themselves doing it. I really don’t have anything that im passionate about either, nothing that I can do well that is original or creative. When I make things its from a pattern or I copy something I have seen online. Frankly its way more effort to make it myself than to buy the original online but I tend to have a strong, I can do that, attitude which makes me not buy things I can make myself.

I think im coming to terms with the fact that I will never run my own business. I think im more suited to being an employee of one of these fantastically creative people, something where I can make things but they take care of the business side. One day 🙂

If you want to know more about these mugs and who makes them:

Silver lining ceramics



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